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Remnants of Humanity, Healing and Crystal Soul Mass

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Hi all,

A few questions that I'm wondering about :

1) What's the point of the action on the Remnants of Humanity ? Given I can discard as many cards to draw an equal number during my turn (and given I only have non-combat action) wouldn't I just discard them all to draw an equal number. I guess the only use is if you draw one as a result of using your standard discard action ?

2) Can you heal another player with the heal action ? E.g on a talisman.

3) How does Crystal Soul Mass work ? Looks like you can play it to attack the left right, or discard it to attack the right ?

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1) The remnants seem to be just health. Spend them on just heath or as equipment for a chance for something more important in the deck. I have been kind of wondering if it might be good to fill the deck out with these types so you can control the hand better, but surely more equipment and stamina is more ideal.

2) Pretty sure some items can do that, I got an item in one game that let you heal the whole party 3 cards for like one stamina, brill.

3) yeah those area based attack cards are pretty limiting, specially when the dmg isn't hugely significant. Looks like a card the character would have to sit on for the right moment which is pretty painful!

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