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vs Engineers

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Hey All!

I really want to know what do you think are the best tactics against a Ballista, and Pin Vice lead Engineers teams?

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I think I'd take my standard 6 - Captain Burnish, Cast, Furnace, Cinder, Hearth and Alloy. 

Burnish, Cast, Cinder and Alloy all have ranged attacks, and with Hearth there she can have a 3" range on a crucial turn. That makes it more difficult for the Engineers to stand off because there's plenty coming back at range as well. 

You've also got plenty of ball retrieval options - Shield Toss and an Instructed Cinder getting her ranged Tackle on 1 hit, for example. 

Personally I'd go for an early goal, use Burnish, Cast and Alloy to get me 2 takeouts and then finish with another goal once you've worn down the Engineers. 

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