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Breaking into the Guilds

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There's some community driven efforts to create summaries for people starting out with guilds, so as they're created I'll link them here. This is still for those fairly new to the game, but looking for a few pointers in their chosen guild. Or for those wanting to dabble in a few guilds. Or anyone else, really :D

We're still filling it out, so some factions will be missing one or both parts. But we'll get there steadily, I'll be creating new model summary threads every couple of days and they'll fill up over the coming weeks I hope. Anyone wanting to help out, feel free to post your thoughts in the linked threads - this is as close to a wiki as the forum can handle, so go for it :) 

(also, big thanks to @EpicChris for taking the time and effort to write and post so many tactics articles!)

Alchemists: Player Summaries // Tactics

Blacksmiths: Player Summaries // Tactics

Brewers: Player Summaries // Tactics

Butchers: Player Summaries // Tactics

Engineers: Player Summaries // Tactics

Farmers: Player Summaries // Tactics

Fishermen: Player Summaries // Tactics

Hunters: Player Summaries // Tactics

Falconers (Minor Guild): Released Soon

Masons: Player Summaries // Tactics

Morticians: Player Summaries // Tactics

Ratcatchers (Minor Guild): Player Summaries // Tactics

Union: Player Summaries // Tactics

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This is awesome! A wonderful resource to use as a Pundit as well... point your people here!! Well done!

I have linked it on our Red Deer Guild Ball Facebook page. Thanks @Mako & @EpicChris

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Great job @Mako! This is something I would've needed when I started playing.

While not as comprehensive and covering the whole guild as tactics written by @EpicChris, I suggest the following to be added for Alchemist tactics for now.

@TheCurkov's excellent write up how to pilot Smoke: 

For Midas there isn't such write up, but found this to bring up some key points:


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I would add to the Hunters and Alchemists links reports to @burroboskov match reports, he does really nice reports with pictures etc, so someone interested in those guilds would most likely get a nice feel whether they'll enjoy those guilds or not. 

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