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So I participated in my first tournament with the new game plan cards, and I have to say I like them alot. First I thought the MOM+cards system will be a mind game, but in practice it's more like resource management with little to zero bluffing element.

I think the game plans have a positive effect on Ox, because you can build an advantage of 1-2 MOM and still secure the next turn, which is huge for him. Of course you will lose other initiatives, but you can likely secure the important ones, and therefore play less conservative (read: more offensive).

The effects can be useful, but there are no real game changers a la knee slider, which is a good thing IMO. More often than not, effects and INF modifiers only kick in when you're about losing the next initiative, so you start reading your cards beyond the +MOM value :) 

What is your experience so far?

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Played a few more games at a small tournament, along with our local meta all trying it out for the first time.  In general pretty much EVERYONE loved it more than the initiative roll, even though we agreed that some cards could be tweaked to be better or worse.  But overall, for the same reason you mentioned, the Game Plan Deck is a much needed improvement to the initiative system, and improves the game!

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