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Guild Ball Gallery (A Request)

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The art and world of Guild Ball is uniquely gorgeous!

The unique personality to the guilds is what pulled me into this game, and releases like The Exiles, only remind me of that.

I frequently find myself wanting to show a friend how awesome this game is by showing them the characters, but I often find myself resorting to low quality Google images because there's no one place to find spreads of the guilds, or the art for an individual character.

E.G. I want to show a friend Skatha's art without her rules card or a mini beside her. This is a weirdly difficult image to find, and I feel like it shouldn't be.


GB Gallery would be a single place where you can find high quality uniform images of individual character art sorted by guild.


I also feel like this'd be valuable for the Guild Ball content creators, but I understand why this sort of thing isn't exactly a priority. Yet with the 'Guilds' section of the homepage being normalized as a product lineup I'd really love for there to be somewhere I can go to just appreciate the unique personality of each of the Guilds and their characters.

With that said, how do you guys find the images of character art when you need it? PDF's right?

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Figured I'd put this here as it's pretty much the same ballpark, but a place for all of the GB Stories to be collated chronologically would also be really helpful.

Bonus points if it included unrelated fluff bits such as the brief story in the Kick-Off handbook, or player and guild descriptions in the S2 & 3 rulebook. Even the flowery bits of writing that appear on the Blacksmiths and Farmer's boxes. (such as Theron's quote about Thresher as small as it is.)

The writing for this game is fantastic and it's a real disservice to it at times how difficult it can be to find and follow.

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