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Falconers Guild ... player names

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Not sure if all the falconers' names have been discussed yet? Looks like the inspirations are:

Devana: goddess of the hunt in Slavic languages, associated with the Roman goddess Diana

Minerva: is the Roman goddess of wisdom, whose symbol was an owl

Ikaros: the Japanese spelling of the Greek legendary character Icarus, who flew too close to the sun. Apparently the name of a Japanese space-rocket: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IKAROS

Frelsi: freedom or liberty in Icelandic

Runda(a)s: The Hittite god of hunting

Mata(a)gi: the traditional hunting people of northern Japan


From looking in google search, the spelling of Mataagi and Rundaas looks a bit unusual with the double A ... they seem to normally come up with a single A.

In particular, Mataagi with two As seems to be a town in Uganda, whereas the Japanese hunting people have one A.

I guess you could argue that Guild Ball languages are different from our languages, so it doesn't have to match?

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That's really interesting. I remember reading somewhere that a lot of the hunters team names mean hunter, so I wonder if that means Mataagi and Rundaas are going to be the duel guild players?!

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