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[Spain] Guild Ball Open Nights Bilbao

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Hello to everyone.

I just wanted to share some of our experience here in Bilbao in the Guild Ball Open Nights. We came with this idea of making a series of events in which players can gather to play some games, solve any doubts, or even introduce new friends to Guild Ball. With the help of the local retailer we've been able to get the shop opened on Friday nights for us, which is quite a great thing.

Every day we have new people interested in the game. Some of them just get curious while others get their team and start playing.

Any experience all you guys can share with us would be very much appreciated as getting a community of players to grow around a game is allways a dificult task.

We are expecting to be able to organise our first tournament on March 31 or first week of April. We will see.

Here I drop you some photos of the event on March 9th as well as those of the first painted teams. As you can see we are still playing with no terrain, and given the change in the cards with no plot cards.







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