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Hey all,

Over the past few months I've been updating and maintaining a houserule set on BGG that includes various extended rules, and I wanted to get the community's thoughts on something I added recently. I've added a section for something I'm calling Scenarios, which are basically meant to be in the spirit of actual encounters in the video game (pre-defined layout with special conditions/triggers, pre-defined loot, themes specific to the encounter, etc.) The one that I've posted so far is inspired by the Undead Parish and lead up to the Bell Gargoyles fight. I basically wanted to ask two things:

  1. Is thing something people would be interested in me continuing to do? Would you actually use and play with these Scenarios?
  2. I'd love any feedback you have on the Scenario itself. It's somewhat of a departure from the core game in a few ways, and think it would be great to get thoughts on what you think is good about it versus what doesn't work.

You can find it here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/155076/extended-ruleset-pdf

Thanks! :D

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16 hours ago, Deatheux said:

scenarios, sounds like another gloomhavenKILLER!!


just don't do it in 95 easy quests!

Hah, as much as I'd like to have parity with Gloomhaven, I'm pretty sure I'd have to quit my full time job to make that many scenarios.

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26 minutes ago, Deatheux said:

Sword & Sorcery is so much superior than gloomhaven...


keep me posted about the scenarios, it pick-up my mind!



Sure thing. I've got a couple ideas in the works; I'll post them soon. Thanks for having a peek :)

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