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Just wanted to say thanks to Mako for this thread. I've been trying to play Scalpel for sometime and just never "got" her. Tried the kick push/dodge thing and it was ok but didn't really seem to be fun. 

Last night tried a solo game with her and Bonesaw as a duo just focussed on scoring and making a nuisance of themselves into a bog standard Brewer team. Wow! I think I found what I was missing. Bouncing around, tackling the ball, not even trying to get a TO. Super fun. 

Thanks again sir- for opening my eyes! 

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I should have my Scalpel line up finished this week ready for a run out at weekend!

I know V Graves and VS get some stick but I think you could have some fun with VS. Your opponent doesn’t want to kill him (boom!) so you could just keep him around, keeping people engaged, getting parting blows or the occasional cheap charge.

Dirge wins though. That 10” sprint is so good for ball retrieval.

I’ll be looking at:

Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Brainpan and Memory up front, harassing for goals.

V Hemlocke  and Casket throwing out Blind conditions, and generally tying up/slowing down opponents.

I’ll just have to hope for three fast goals in Turn 2. Or just 2 if I get BS to get his usual T1 goal!

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Yeah, for the brewers keep-away game vileswarm would do more than dirge... I’ve never found the bird to be in a position to get the ball when scalpel can’t, because she’s super mobile and likes to play with the other ball players. Problem is, I have to get on with prepping it and it’s a big lump of metal to chase mould lines across :P

Brainpan and Memory are great, especially when they aren’t facing brewers or a lot of :KD:.

I need to finish painting vHemlocke, as I would like to try the ladies tea and murder squad of Scalpel, Cosset, vHemlocke, Pelage and a token bloke. 

if you end up kicking rather than receiving though, I’m still on sketchy ground with that one. Never really managed a good ball capturing effort...

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Man, tonights game was...bizarre. Kind of grindy, and also full of weird dice rolls (and of course my traditional moment of rampant stupidity...)

I faced the Alchemists tonight, in the form of Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Compound and vKatalyst. Managed to win the roll off and elected to receive.

So I took (without any real plan) Scalpel and Dirge, Bonesaw, Cosset, Graves and Brainpan/Memory.

The opening was pretty much the flag for the whole game - ball way out on my left flank, out of everyone's comfortable range except Smoke (who'd kicked off). Eventually I had Scalpel sprint and second wind, so she could reach it and get partway back. Snagged it off her using I'm Open off Brainpan, who dropped it next to Dirge to get the passing chain going. That did leave me out of position for any goal runs though, so I took a risk and used Bonesaw's spare inf to dervish back and forth with Graves twice to build momentum. 

Turn two went strangely. I lost initiative, so the onslaught of AoEs began in earnest and vKatalyst came piling in. Scalpel's response was to Use Voodoo Strings to yank him closer, bounce off him, and then charge Mercury for a nice early takeout and getting into position to support Bonesaw's efforts. Which he promptly fluffed, giving the ball to Scalpel on an intercept and killing the goal run. He later died to an angry vKatalyst, leaving the score 2-2 and Scalpel and Dirge loitering about with Compound. More condition hammering also occurred, leaving me with a lot of fragile people. 

I thought I'd be clever on turn 3, and have Scalpel run round Compound, hit him for momentum and to dodge away, then shoot. @Secondbreky even said "are you sure?" as I positioned her 1" away and I still didn't think to check what would happen. Which of course was gluttonous mass, followed by the counterattack tackling her and shoving her away, leaving 5 inf on an isolated model. Fortunately, I could second wind her and Wake the Dead Cosset, who was not looking healthy, so I only really wasted 1 Inf. That also let me tuck back in to annoy Compound some more, in case anything useful happened. Graves poked away at smoke, doing a bit more damage, and the general drain on all sides continued.

At the end of turn 3 though, after some serious beatings and a fair bit of AoE abuse by Smoke, Scalpel Cosset Graves and Bonesaw ended up either dead or succumbing to poison... eight points in one turn, four from condition damage. At 10-2, it wasn't looking good for the Morticians. 

Luckily, my next gameplan was +1/+1 move, which combined with a handy patch of fast ground at the end of their returning jogs allowed the three damage dealers to reappear in a cluster and be able to reach a huge area of the field. Bonesaw showed up on the other side, planning to try and pincer whoever went for the goal (hopefully without them scoring). A great play from @Secondbreky put flask squarely in front of my three key players, with a smoke cloud stopping any of them seeing Smoke and forcing me to completely rethink things. So instead, I had Bonesaw (with support from Memory) throw Katalyst in the way of an easy pass from Calculus to Smoke, Dirge move up to block Smoke from Unpredictable Movement-ing further away from the trio, then eventually ran Scalpel up to park right next to Smoke. Memory worked Katalyst over, leaving him on 2 health and poisoned (from one of his own team's AoEs), Smoke ran towards the goal ready for a snap shot only to be charged down by Cosset, and Graves decided since he couldn't get to anyone else, he'd use his 4 Inf to leave Flask on 1 health with Bleed, generate a load of momentum, and then run off before the explosion. 

Turn 4 started with the score 10-7 to the Alchemists, and Scalpel once again walking round Compound. Only this time, she didn't attack him (see, I do learn eventually :D ). She went right round to reach Calculus, the ball holder, and with Memory again providing the Crowd Out she repeatedly hit her, generating some momentum, doing a bit of damage, tackling the ball and dodging away. I bonus timed the tap in, and rolled :1 :1 :1 :4 - because the best bonus time is one you really did need :)

That put the game at 11-10 to the Morticians, at which point Katalyst decided enough was enough and hammered Scalpel into the floor to win the game. 


So... there was a lot of chip damage and denial going on in this game. I had expected to face a footballing team with a side of takeouts and took something designed to do a mix, but what ended up happening was an 8 VP swing one way followed by a 9 VP swing the other, bringing the game close despite wildly veering one way at first. The whole game was an exercise in doing things to mess the other side up (and one or two really high quality mistakes ;)) that meant it was real work to get any VP scored. I have no idea what I'd do differently next time beyond remember Gluttonous Mass and plan for it, if I'd thought to park myself in base contact I would've been able to carry on swinging, get the ball back, and probably score much earlier. But then, the chances are it would've meant a goal on both sides, and that would mean the game ending before I could claw back from the mass casualties. 

In interesting notes, Memory did a lot more crowding out than usual and even some attacks, because converting 2inf to 4mom was pretty handy in securing that crucial turn and setting up a takeout. Brainpan for once didn't get killed, which is also a win! Graves finally did some proper attacks and made a noticeable dent in Smoke (and Flask, despite the 2ARM), so he performed better this game. Didn't actually use Tooled Up on any attacks though, as I preferred to have the Inf spent poking someone for Bleed. I'm not totally convinced by him, as there's vHemlocke or Pelage that can (probably) do similar work to what he's doing in my games. Cosset, sadly, still does a 2VP for 2VP trade usually. She's effective at securing a takeout and maybe assisting a second (provided I give her Reanimate), but she's not winning me games yet. Scalpel is doing more work for me now, though I can't really say why I'm using her differently. She's putting down damage for sure, but her mobility, ball retrieval, and ability to get in the way (and often hijack an opportune ball) seem to be working more for me. That may just be the change to facing Alchemists though. DIrge still just floats about with no Inf, serving to trigger Memory's dodge and add a crowd out/parting blow. He's often not near Cosset's target though, so I don't seem to get much from the damage assist.

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Oh well, it wouldn’t have changed anything (except maybe order of operations, and graves would maybe have had to charge flask instead :D

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I forgot to mention that for the first turn and a half or so, @Secondbreky‘s dice were on strike. I’ve never seen him roll so many 3s on DEF4 models... attacks, character plays, you name it he fluffed it :D

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Tbh, I have no idea now (I started forgetting details before I’d even made it home...). I think we treated it like a forest :D

Though even if I was, I was picking column 1 or 2 mostly and rolling 2-3 net hits, so it still didn’t mess anything up. It wasn’t a stretched to the limit activation so much as “well, I can’t do anything else with my 4 inf, so I’ll just beat on this already damaged mascot”. And even ARM2 couldn’t save him there!

Entertainingly, Flask would still have blocked him doing anything else just because of the angles, the annoying little sod 😛

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Another game last night, against Smoke and her vicious brood...

This time I faced Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol and vKatalyst. 

I hadn’t taken a big guy for a while, so decided to let @Secondbreky pick randomly between them, giving me Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Brainpan/Memory, Bonesaw (I was receiving) and Casket. 

Turn one was something of a non-entity, when my traditional goal run failed due to Bonesaw not being able to get one net hit on Mercury to give him a dodge, getting tackled on the parting blow, and having to stop and come back to bog the alchemist down instead of scoring. 

Turn two was much the same, with neither team able to score any VP (and of course lots of conditions going out that I didn’t have the momentum to heal). 

Turn three, Graves finally managed to get Scything blow off on someone for the first time ever - vKatalyst and Calculus. Vitriol scored, the ball went wide to Dirge, and the general death on my models continued with Bonesaw and Graves going down to chip damage (although Graves did narrowly avoid being Witness Me’d). 8-0 to the Alchemists.

Turn four,  I had the ball on Scalpel on the right flank (had managed to drop the ball on her via dirge the previous turn). With vKatalyst now almost dead, and memory dodging in for the gang up, Scalpel could charge him, slap him for a few momentum, take the counter attack without any worries (13 health and a spare inf and mom meant any result would likely not screw me up too badly), dodge out and manage to squeak in a 2 dice goal (because Flask had been parked in the perfect position to prevent me going round him). 

Luckily, the ball went out to Smoke who wasn’t quite in range to give vitriol a snap shot, so it was passed to Calculus and I had one activation left to do something before the game was over. So I Casket Timed, charged Casket into vKatalyst, wrapped right round to my fourth column again (unnecessarily, as he only had 2 health), and somehow shoved a huge monster into a fairly small box. 

Inevitably, the well-crafted 5 dice tap-in snap-shot then went off without a hitch, ending the game 12-8 to the alchemists. 

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that I did that wasn’t optimal, particularly having Graves, Scalpel and Casket spending vast amounts of inf to box vKatalyst, but unfortunately my preferred target (Calculus) was hiding behind him, and my other potential target (Vitriol) was about an inch from my goal, making it a long way to go for higher def model with reasonable health left. 

I also probably shouldn’t have gone for the goal but instead dropped the ball on the alchemist-free wing, gone in and pounded vKatalyst down then followed up by boxing Calculus for 6VP, and a race up the wing for the ball that Bonesaw would’ve probably been good for... but I got someone in the box and got Scything Blow off, so I’m claiming moral victory :D

I really felt the drop from 13 to 12 from taking Casket instead of a 2 inf player. After the game, we realised that’s probably because I’m having to stack 3-4 inf on models to get any real work out of them - I don’t seem to be able to get much done by spreading it out across everyone, especially when it’s a 12 inf team and the game plans can make that 11. Most turns I’ve only got inf on 3 people, because if I want to make a goal run or do some proper violence I seem to need the key people to have full stacks. Giving Graves 1 for tooled up seems useful, but then unless you’re putting that on Cosset, it means giving someone else a big stack and committing yourself o a takeout attempt to make proper use of it (1 on Graves and 4-6 on Scalpel, and that’s you almost done for the turn, with a 1” melee model vulnerable to counterattacks). I’ve found I’m getting more out of him since I stopped Tooling Up and just tried to get him to charge in, spread some bleed about. 

It might just be how I’m playing, needing to stack people rather than just give them a few each, but I never seem to have enough inf for two plans, so there’s then no backup when the dice decide to laugh at the first plan. Which they do regularly :)

But that said, getting Casket up in people’s faces did slow the other side down pretty well (and hand out momentum to them, but *shrug*). He did mostly neuter vKatalyst, and accidentally got his rough ground in everyone’s way to break Smoke’s final run, so he was handy. 

Bonesaw was the weak link this time, even with Dervish going off he just couldn’t make the goal, and eventually gave away 2VP for little gain (he delayed the first opposition goal, but only after handing them the ball for it). The Alchemists might just push me to drop him for a while. Maybe for vHemlocke if she’s based in time, or Cosset if she’s not. 

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Ok, a bit slower than usual to write this up but this time I thought ahead and took notes! Brief (and fairly cryptic) ones, but notes nonetheless!

I faced the dread might of the brewers this week in the form of Tapper, Quaff, Spigot, vDecimate (unsurprisingly :P ), Pintpot and Lucky. 

In response I ended up taking Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Silence, Casket and vHemlocke (whose final varnish coat was barely dry). 

I received, and vDecimate kicked off. Since the ball was a decent distance up, I decided to leave it and drop a fire blast between it and vDecimate, forcing her to do something less efficient. Unfortunately I’d forgotten Lucky’s Raise the Stakes, so he could reach the ball and pass it back to her instead...

Rather than let the brewers have the ball, I decided to launch Scalpel up the centre, tackling and dodging out of melee to punt the ball back towards my lines. She also served to distract the entire brewers team, who spent most of the turn beating her down while I did other things - using dirge to shuttle the ball to hemlocke, who passed to Bonesaw and Midnight Offering-ed him, so he could sprint up, meditate and score (lucky I could meditate, because I missed the first shot). 4-0 to Morticians

Turn two began with Lucky taking out Scalpel to deny me the activation (4-2 Morticians), then raising the stakes to reposition him. I used it to dodge Casket so he could charge Spigot (way out on the right flank with the ball), managing to double push wth the charge, then roll all 2s and 1s, then just about reach heavy burden. I’d hoped to get him off the pitch, but the dice were not cooperative. Tapper then attacked Bonesaw with equally terrible dice, so it wasn’t all bad :D 

Silence Shut Out vDecimate and dropped a flame blast to protect vHemlocke, Dirge Singled her Out (purely for a momentum) then got taken out by Pintpot (4-3), Quaff gave her Bag of Quaffers, then vHemlocke Blinded her... almost like she was the major thing going on for both of us! In the end Spigot freed himself by :momKD: and :momPP: Casket, and the inevitable charge by vDecimate ended with two non momentous damage on Silence, because Blind is great.

Into turn 3, and Scalpel/Dirge come on to interfere with a goal run and engage Spigot respectively, who ends up needing three attacks to push dirge off the pitch (4-4), then can only glide round Casket’s rough ground and drop the ball on Pintpot. Scalpel promptly charges him for 1 Inf (yay gameplans), tackles him and push/dodges about so she can kick to the open out on the wing near the Brewers goal line, far away from everyone except Quaff and Casket. Bonesaw gets :momKD:, Silence runs away from vDecimate across rough ground, and then Pintpot spends his beer tokens to attack and triple Concussion Casket and strip all his Inf.

More violence ensues, though Lucky gets Blinded to prevent him joining vDecimate attacking Scalpel, so he instead charges Silence for 1 damage. Bonesaw goes out to Tapper (6-4 Brewers)

And so we drag ourselves into turn 4, with Bonesaw reappearing on the ball wing, far away from Tapper and co! vDecimate charges Scalpel, takes her out (8-4 Brewers), and I reallocate 3 of her 4 Inf to Casket (again hooray gameplans). Casket :KD:s Spigot and Pintpot enabling him to sprint up, pick up and drop the ball further away from Quaff towards the wing. Silence and Hemlocke continue to flame blast and Blind in order to not get killed by the encroaching Brewers, while Bonesaw successfully Dervishes off Casket for another goal, bringing to 8-8. Quaff takes the goal kick, then fluffs a pass to Spigot with 6:6 scatter that lets Dirge run off to the wing again with it, leaving Spigot too wide to shoot once he’s tackled it back, forcing him to pass to Pintpot who dodges towards the goal.

[At this point even if Pintpot fails to score, I have a lot of players on 5 or 6 health with 5/0 defensive stats, so takeouts are a very real danger...]

Turn 5 (which we rarely see)!

Pintpot uses Silence for momentum, then fluffs his 2 dice kick leaving Hemlocke to jog, Midnight Offering herself, and kick the ball out into space neal Scalpel, scattering it slightly begins my own goal line. Not a problem, as either Scalpel gets it next activation or a Brewer does,so I won’t moss out on mom. Spigot once again takes out dirge (9-8 Brewers) and kicks the ball off pitch for a central scatter, right next to Quaff and vDecimate. Bonesaw charges the dog, dodging round and grabbing the ball to boot it back out towards Scalpel in the hope of a cheeky goal run, getting rubbish scatter. Lucky finally takes out Silence (11-8 Brewers), Scalpel (who now can’t get to the ball) instead pushes Spigot off the pitch (11-10), and the game ends at last with vDecimate kicking through vHemlocke to score and make it 15-10.

Man, that was a long game, eventually won by the brewers scoring 1 goal and seven takeouts... I don’t think @Secondbreky could’ve picked a harder way to go about winning :D


During this game we realised that the Morticians were running at 12 Inf, while with Tapper and Pintpot the Brewers were usually running at 15+ Inf... no wonder I felt like they were doing more :D 

That imbalance aside, Hemlocke proved immensely useful, blunting a whole pile of attacks and letting Bonesaw make an easier goal run to start the game. She also used it on herself to back away from danger a few times and scoop the ball away from my goal. The twin combo of Silence and Hemlocke kept some of the more brutal violence distracted/slowed enough to deplete the usual takeout steamroller, so that was pretty great :)

Scalpel’s initial suicide run was a bit of a high risk thing (and in many ways, I should’ve just gone and got the ball instead of Flame Blasting first activation... that’s what I get for trying to be interesting), but it did get me 2 VP ahead by distracting the whole Brewer team, and I didn’t have the Inf to fuel everyone so losing the activation turn 2 wasn’t the worst thing (though her 9 health return was a pain). Pintpot’s ridiculous Inf efficiency with his tokens, and the resulting triple concussion, was far worse :P

Dirge did little as usual, scooping the ball a couple of times but gave up 3VP this time, at the cost of 6 MP for the Brewers. Good enough for my liking although he doesn’t usually get taken out so much.

Casket’s Heavy Burden came in handy too, stunting Spigot’s goal threat at key moments, though the rough ground was no real use against the momentum laden Brewers (always Gliding, damn them). He’s survivable, but I’d possibly rather have had Ghast for the better :momKD: and less having to work around my own model’s aura. And easier access to enough push via unmasking to get Spigot off the field the first time I tried...

I also struggled for momentum all game, needing it to bonus time and get the results I wanted, which meant even on the rare occasions I could generate half as much as the brewers, it was all being spent rather than building up. The price of the do-not-engage strategy that seems to be necessary I guess :)

Still, no real ‘weak’ links this time - a fairly solid team for the Morticians against the Brewers, mostly let down by the inept muppet behind the dice :D

(although having forced the game out to almost 5 full turns against a team I consider a really tough matchup with some seriously potent players, I feel like I’m starting to get a bit of a handle on how to screw with @Secondbreky‘s plans to best effect ;) )

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On 6/29/2018 at 11:05 AM, Mako said:

(although having forced the game out to almost 5 full turns against a team I consider a really tough matchup with some seriously potent players, I feel like I’m starting to get a bit of a handle on how to screw with @Secondbreky‘s plans to best effect ;) )

This makes the assumption that I ahve a plan 😜

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New game time :)

This week we played Multiball for a laugh... mayhem is right!

I faced down Esters, Quaff, Spigot, Pintpot, vDecimate and Friday with Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, vHemlocke, Pelage, and Silence. Felt good having equal inf at the start (not counting Pintpot's tokens) :P

I also had both 7s and one six in my gameplan hand, which made momentum racing a bit easier. 

Unsurprisingly, vDecimate kicked off and put the ball a little right of centre (from my perspective) and a decent way beyond the centre line. I had Scalpel scoop it up, pass it back, and Second Wind backward to snag a second ball. Silence did his usual chuck fire in Decimate's way, then with his DEF 5 shrugged off the inevitable Esters double AoE. vHemlocke fluffed a bonus timed Blind, while pelage got the ball out to bonesaw then charged Friday to wrap for momentum and give her Snared (and get her into position for Dervishing). Bonesaw didn't have any Inf so a goal run wasn't on the cards this turn, but he was on the wing with a ball ready to go. The turn ended with vDecimate stacked with Empowered (speed), Bag of Quaffers, Second Wind, Tooled Up and Time's Called charging through the fire at Scalpel and being engaged by vHemlocke. :momT: and :KD: got her the ball, but then vHemlocke's column one :T: meant she wouldn't jog away. So in effect she wasted Tooled Up and Second Wind.

Turn two, @Secondbreky played the only 6 initiative card he could have as well as having the momentum race covered, so I saved my 7s and chucked down Keep The Ball Moving (I had ball plans, so wanted that extra die). vDecimate scored, with Dirge collecting the ball and dropping it for Scalpel (who was still :KD:, so it was just lying free behind them both). Pelage continued to slap Friday as I wanted to set up that goal run first, which let Pintpot charge Scalpel, grab the free ball, and generally beat most of her health away. She stood up, healed, tackled Pintpot who dodged away with his counter (ideal really, as I was going to have to attack for a dodge otherwise :D ) so she could pass to vHemlocke. Spigot dropped the ball he was holding and charged vHemlocke hoping to steal it and go for goal, but defensive stance meant he whiffed it so she hit him, knocked him into Esters' AoEs, and passed to Silence. At this point, Bonesaw Dervished Pelage who missed her return pass (four dice, and even the season 4 tap in rules wouldn't have saved me from 1,1,2,2 !). Luckily his giant base meant the scatter was intercepted, so he tried again, succeeded, jogged up to tap in range and shot at the goal for a Screamer. Silence closed out the turn by passing his ball to Bonesaw for another snapshot, and a second Screamer :) 8-4 to the Morticians, with two loose balls and one on Esters.

Turn 3... I dropped a +7 to dodge vHemlocke onto one of the free balls, then spread inf around including 5 on Scalpel - she was in a corner with Pintpot and vDecimate, so I was hoping to lure them in. Or maybe survive from 9 wounds to use some, but I figured that was risky. vHemlocke fluffed an attack on Spigot, meaning I couldn't get the ball up to Bonesaw, so instead she jogged round and fluffed a pass to Pelage (but she intercepted it anyway). Pintpot spent his Inf and last three beer tokens wiping Scalpel off the board (my gamble worked, but damn it was expensive. Maybe not the best plan...). Pelage dropped the ball onto Bonesaw, then like a broken record charged Friday again for Singled Out and Snared, with Friday then dodging away and Dirty Knives-ing Silence successfully and Pelage unsuccessfully. Friday, Spigot and vDecimate were all hanging round my goal almost in snap shot range, with two balls on Esters a little way back, so I Tucked Spigot - he had two inf, needed to move up a bit to be in goal range, and this way I got to mess up his activation because he couldn't receive a pass, dodge, then score on his activation. He did Tool Up Esters, but that wasn't hugely useful and the second Inf was wasted. Dirge went wandering, but was :momKD: by Pintpot, so he didn't achieve anything and because he already had 2 wounds down and bleed, he'd be dead at the end of the turn. Esters set Silence on fire, passed both balls to vDecimate so the second could be Snap Shotted and the first scored on her activation (14-8 to the Brewers). Bonesaw jogged up and tapped in another goal, and the turn closed out at 15-12 to the Brewers.

Turn 4 I had a choice to make. Scalpel and Dirge came on, with Scalpel and vHemlocke near balls they could try to get to Bonesaw. I played my other 7, charged a crowd with Pelage, and did very little. Esters couldn't quite kill her in return, but before I could sort anything else out Friday finished her off to close the game, 17-12.


In retrospect, I should've dropped Get Back In There - the movement bonus would have meant Scalpel or vHemlocke both could reach Bonesaw with a pass, and it was unlikely that the Brewers could get a one activation takeout if they'd had to come find vHemlocke or Pelage (or Silence, on 5 wounds but way up the pitch engaged by Quaff). That would have given me one mom for going second, one for the pass, and that would have gotten me the snap shot. Risky, given my dice, but more likely to work than my idiot plan of "charge in, what the heck" :P

No real weak links again, at least none that were more serious than my own tactical idiocy... I'm liking this team selection even if it's a hard slog into the Brewers generally. Having three balls out meant dealing with lots of threat vectors and planning for more coordinated things between players. Running a team of mostly DEF 5 (once Bonesaw scored) meant a lot less ranged plays hitting me, which was good fun. That's the one thing the Morticians definitely beat the Brewers on, so making good use of it was pretty handy. 

Next week I'll probably have a better chance, because @Secondbreky touched one of my dice without thinking and my probability curse is contagious as anything :D


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Game night again, and in our endless quest for strange and entertaining things we decided to break out fully powered up rookies. Since people were kind enough to source me the Scourge files, I ended up rolling off to see which team I took... and got Morticians. Sorry chaps :) 

So Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, vHemlocke, Silence and Ghast (Grasping/Terror) faced down Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot, vDecimate and Mash (Brawler/Batsman). And once again, I had good gameplans - a seven and both sixes. This time I lost the roll off and had to kick, first time in a while.

Turn one began with me having set up right of centre, and punting the ball even further to the right to lure Friday out (vDecimate was on the left wing so I had a brief respite from her). Sadly it worked, but she dodged back after making the pass back to her team because she didn't feel inclined to get repeatedly hit by Scalpel. As the Brewers passed the ball down the line, I ran Ghast up into the centre of the pitch, chucked a Flame Blast down in front of Mash, and had vHemlocke Midnight Offering Scalpel up the wing. That let Tapper charge in and :momKD: her, leaving me 5" from Friday and 2" from Tapper, with a full stack and no momentum. Sacrificing movement to stand, a quick Voodoo Strings yanked Tapper in close enough to start swinging. Six attacks later, Tapper was about 2" from the pitch edge, I had two momentum, and decided to spend one to Heroic Second Wind away into cover and safely away from the pitch edge. vDecimate and Mash did the Mash dervish down the left-centre field and she sprinted into shot range, forced to spend 2 Inf for the shot as she was within 4" of Ghast. Lucky for me, the four dice kick fluffed it and Dirge was able to nip in and carry the ball out to the right wing. 

The failed goal and my Scalpel exploits meant I got initiative, but both 7s being out meant Scalpel (at -1TAC) charged back into Tapper and once again didn't get him off the pitch, using Tormented Agony once then Second Winding away again via her Heroic. vDecimate barely managed to tackle Dirge, and I failed to get 3 net hits with Ghast to drag Spigot out of position via Whirliest Chains. So instead Mash got :momKD:, stood up, and :momKD: Ghast in return before charging Silence, his +4 net hits doing the majority of the work. vHemlocke jogged round to tackle vDecimate and drop the ball on the other side ready for collection, while Spigot charged Scalpel - she countered and dodged away to waste two of his Inf. Dirge failed a pass on his ball collection run but Bonesaw intercepted it anyway, then charged Friday (who had just fluffed an attack on Scalpel too). Unfortunately he also fluffed the charge attack, missing Unexpected Arrival and leaving the ball vulnerable.

Turn three I was one momentum ahead so couldn't lose initiative (both sevens gone, both sixes in my hand). Bonesaw just scraped a single hit to get his :momD: and quickly headed to the goal, scoring (and using meditate to hunt for a Screamer but not getting it). 4-0 Morticians at last! Spigot Tooled Up Scum, jogged over to do a Mash dervish, ending up in range for a five dice shot to even the score. The goal kick scattered 6/6 so ended up very wide on my goal line. Scalpel finally gets Tapper off the pitch after two turns of trying (granted, it kept Tapper busy so it was pretty effective anyway). Mash took out Silence straight after to keep the scores even at 6-6, Ghast charged Spigot to Whirliest Chains him and Mash away from vHemlocke, which helped Scum's charge at her fall flat. vHemlocke Blinded vDecimate then attacked her a bit, the Blind meaning vHemlocke survived the return swings with 5 health, and Dirge once again retrieved the ball. **Full disclosure, we forgot that I would be blocked from generating momentum because of that so some of my attacks wouldn't have been bonus timed and Scalpel would've been closer to the wing, or I'd have had to change my order of operations a bit**

Turn 4 I was too far behind on momentum to contest the initiative, so Tapper opened things by beating Bonesaw down to 4 health. Ghast :momKD:'d Friday as she was about to follow up, but it didn't stop her standing up, dodging loose and taking him out along with his 2 Inf (8-6 Brewers). vHemlocke blinded Mash and ran, with vDecimate chasing after her with no influence, Spigot got up, Dirge passed to Scalpel who dodged up the wing just before Mash took him out (9-6 Brewers). Scalpel finished the turn for me by charging Friday, using the :mom1::momPD: a few times to get a clear shot and some momentum, and booting a Screamer in. Scum finished the turn for the Brewers, failing to hit vHemlocke again. 

So turn 5 would be the end whatever happened - Mash had the ball and a clear route to the goal, but Friday was in Scalpel's range on 9 health. Fortunately I had a small momemtum lead thanks to that Screamer, so my 6 meant I was guaranteed it. Scalpel charged in fully stacked, for five attacks total.  With some iffy dice, I did :3: , :3: , :1: , :1: , and with my last gasp I got one net hit for :1: to close out the game 12-9!


Ok, so fair's fair - if I'd gotten the rule right on the goal kick things may have played out quite differently. I wasn't using all my hits in most of my attacks so bonus time wasn't doing much, but Scalpel definitely couldn't have Heroic Second Winded off the risky wing position for the third time (she'd have definitely needed to go before Dirge could collect the ball). I was way behind in mom generation that turn anyway, so it didn't mess up the initiative, but still it throws it all out a bit. Yes, I'm a muppet who hasn't had to use that rule in over a year and got it wrong :P 


That aside, Mash and Ghast were really potent but not as dominating as I expected. Ghast's extra melee range meant he could reach out and touch people a bit easier, and Whirliest Chains was great when I got it off, but I think it mostly meant I was using him more aggressively as soft control (which is really what I should do with regular Ghast in future!). Bonesaw was way up the field as usual, and this time Offensive Defence didn't save him from Tapper's ire. Dirge did his usual, shifting the ball about to the right places at the right times. Hemlocke's blind and Midnight Offering are still providing me with ways to increase my shenanigans and avoid the full force of any retaliation, even if she's not really netting me any points she's helping keep things in the air a bit more. Silence was a bit of a non-entity this game, his Flame Blast provided a bit of area control but he wasn't as effective as usual. I think that may have been because Mash got to him quickly, and then I kind of just let him get slowly taken out. He did force Mash to charge Dirge and flatten the Brewer's Momentum stores by taking the bird out, which meant no counters from Friday when Scalpel was scoring, so he had his uses. 

Speaking of Scalpel, she got two takeouts and a goal this game! I played her pretty aggressively, and got lucky with some fluffed attacks on her, but she kept Tapper busy until it was VP scoring time, then she did most of the work. Granted, needing her Legendary turn one to actually use any of her Inf was worrying, but then she just used her column 3 :mom1::momPD: almost every time to shuffle herself and her chosen victim about with no real trouble (even if she struggled to cover major distance with her pushes, and couldn't reach the column 7 :4::PD:). She's always really Inf hungry, but she definitely got a lot done with it tonight :D 

We're starting to see trends in our play now, with both of us being able to predict what the other is planning more and more. This is slowing up the scoring a bit, and meaning that we can position stuff to directly counter things we suspect are being planned. It might be time for me to change my Guild briefly and shake off the patterns a bit, keep things fresher. After all, having uber-Ghast has made me think more about how I use normal Ghast so a total change might knock some bits loose when I come back to the Scalpel Brigade.


...actually, there were an awful lot of fluffed attacks from the Brewers. Maybe that terrible curse from @Secondbreky touching my dice last week has kicked in!

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On 5/15/2018 at 4:20 PM, Mako said:

Its so true... all I have to do is put him in a corner and the scrum goes straight there :D


Hey, nobody puts baby in the corner!


Thanks for an inspiring thread. Had my first Morts game yesterday. Ob, Dirge, Silence, Cosset, Graves and Casket against Shark fish. Gave up a goal, but caused general mayhem in the Fish gameplan, which made his clock go tick tock tick tock. Memorable moments  include PM:ing Shark down behind his own goalline with the ball, shutting out Hag so I could complete the takeout, losing an entire turn due to caught in the net, and having three INF on Graves and failing to take out Angel when she had three health left ... #thankyoudicegods Didn't get much work out of Casket though.


Had great fun and look forward to explore the faction further. On the painting table: Bonesaw, BPM, Scalpel.

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