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Vs Farmers

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1) So now that Farmers have been nerfed does it change anything?

I'm playing My First Morts games versus Farmers having finally got a handle on pre-nerf Thresher with my Alchs.

I was Going to proably take Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, Ghast, Brainpan & Memory and 1 other.

I want Obulus Because although I like Scalpel, against Farmers her AP is wasted (especially with millstone nerf)

I figure Graves for 2" and Tooled up.

Ghast for easy KD, Fear and 2" melee.

Brainpan and memory for using memory to block charge lanes (and not set off Counter charge) and to setup a goal, and for damage (and to not give up VP)

Dirge for Signled out (and not being Vileswarm)

I can't decide who else.

Casket seems like a good shout, but then I lack speed for scoring.

Pellage or Cosset for damage, but then they can die quick.

Bonesaw for Scoring.

2) help?

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Yeah I would say silence. Can make Fallow go early and/or Grange or Ploughman go last. Though to be fair; anyone who is trying to win won't be playing Ploughman. Silence also has a 3/6" kick or 4/7" near Dirge. I like Pelage better than Cosset. Too many 2" reaches to get good use out of Cosset. Pelage can do a lot of damage and snare members of a team which isn't particularly fast to begin with. If you are receiving I would play Bonesaw and then make my decision between Ghast and Silence.

I never play Scalpel at all because Obulus is just better in almost every situation.

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What about Skulk? He is the squaddie which scores the second most goals in my games after Obulus of course. With ‚Follow Up‘ and ‚Lightnig Reflexes‘ he can get up the field in no time and he has a quite good playbook with a low tackle on two, a mom double dodge on two and mom 2 on three. And of course 2“ meele. 

For me the new spooks star player! 

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