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Alchemists Tournament 10

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I'll be attending my first tornament in a while next month and it will be my first competitive run out with my Alchemists (previously used Masons exclusivley at tounaments). I'm thinking of the following compromising my 10 man squad:












My thoughts on team selection are to play a more football orientated team in to an opponrnt that i think willl want to fight, a more conndition heavy team to try and grind down opponents who will focus on scoring goals and finally in to a 2/2 team I'll take vKatalyst as part of a 2/1 team  usingWitness Me! to hopefully close the game out before they can.


I've only played a handfull of games with the Alchemists so far so i expect there to be more defats to learn from that victories on the day!


Any comments, opinions or advise about my squad selection much appreciated :)

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This is a solid lineup.  Only change I'd recommend would be swapping one of the mascots for a Union choice--probably Decimate or Mist.  Decimate works great with both captains.  Second Wind is nice as a way for Calculus or Mercury to go up and throw an AoE, then jog back out of danger.

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