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Farmer Errata has landed

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So I played a game last night- Grange, Peck, Harrow, Millstone, Tater, and Fallow into Blacksmiths (Hearth captain, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder, Ferris, and Cast).  Ended up winning 12-11 (surrendering a point to the clock at the very end, on account of it taking a little longer to be precise with new character cards).  My points were four takeouts (Cinder twice, Cast, and Ferris) and a goal by Grange on the final activation of the game.

Honestly, I didn't feel too hurt too badly by the changes to the team.  I was a little influence starved at times, but mostly that just meant Harrow and Peck didn't get to do anything except be a Tooled Up battery and a roadblock (respectively).  Millstone still did her job, Grange is still great, and Fallow still feels right to me- she's awesome if you can set her up, but she very much dictates your order of activation and your opponent can see her coming a mile away.

Most interesting was Tater.  He never counter-charged the whole game (he was in range of a marker most of the time, but my opponent was canny and didn't really give him opportunities); instead, he ended up being a pretty strong secondary damage-dealer.  I think his role shifts a little with the changes, but he's still plenty strong.

All in all, I feel perfectly OK about the Grange team.  Again, I wish Millstone's lost INF had ended up on another player in order to try to make some of the "second tier" Farmers a little more attractive, but I didn't feel like I was chasing my tail the whole game or anything.

I'll be trying out Thresher next.  I never actually played him under the pre-errata rules (I like playing Grange too much!), so I'll be interested to see what my impression of him is in that vacuum.

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