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Captain my captain with Hunters

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I want peoples thoughts on this. For those of you that don't know, captain my captain is a format where you have a roster of 5 (1 mascot and 4 players), and every round you get given a random captain to captain your team. 

What would be peoples choices for your roster? 

I would automatically say Fahad as the mascot. Zarola could be very useful against for captains that want to get in there quickly (Ox and Tapper) or give goal scoring captains even more of a boost. Jaecar because Jaecar. Then I am thinking oHearne for blessing and Egret for the striking potential. 

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I only played once this format, with Butchers on Steamcon UK last year.

(Had Theron once, that was great!)

I would play what is comfortable in a normal game for me. If any of that players need setup from the regular captain, switch them.

For me it's Fahad, Jaecar and Zarola for sure. 

OHearne is a great and efficient setup piece, but without a forest jump from Theron he is less than optimal. On the other hand a 2" meele is a must. And he brings only 1 inf, so if your captain is inf hungry... But I would take him.

Egret is only in my team against low def teams (Corsair, Brewers, Farmers), and I generally think she is a really bad striker. Even Ulfr is better, and I don't like him either.

I would take Minx or Hamelock for the last spot if the format allows you.

I recommend to play the players you like, this format is more about fun than competition.

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