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The Old Buzzard

Dark souls current opponents and the "Heroes"

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I said in another thread the you should not overcomplicate things. Well I did! :mellow:

I decided that the Gargoyle was made from Limestone or bone.

The weird cloak & Sword of the dancer just got turned into swirls of different shades. That sword is still not right.

The Knight with the BIG sword was as close as I got to 'keeping it simple'. I like the "Here's looking at you!" pose he has.B)

The 'Winged knight' has very small wings.:)

I managed to complicate the Dragon slyer's red plume, about 5 different shades of red in there. Other than that those two were straightforward, paint gold, wash and dry brush to highlight.

The Heroes were fiddly. The Knight has the hilts missing from one side of his sword. It just wasn't there. A few awkward bits of mould lines on them all. The Spear was bent when it arrived. I held the figure with the spear pointing downwards, under a stream of almost boiling water and it dropped back straight! (Only the spear was in the hot water.)

There are two shades of silver on the 'Silver Knight Swordsmen'.

I wanted some clues as to how to paint these when I started, so I hope these might help anyone starting out on the box now. The bosses don't have to be that complicated. But once I had started. Well some of you will know how it is!


Admin: If you think this should be in 'The Display Cabinet' please feel free to move it. No need to contact me.

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Thought it might be in the wrong part of the forum

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