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Mortician Player Summaries

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This thread is for us as a community to come up with short summaries for each player - a couple of lines, covering what they do in very broad terms, maybe a couple of factions they’re great/risky into. Focussing on what the model can do, not what it can’t (because it's a more useful resource that way). If you use a model, post your thoughts about it :) 

So here's the list, anything you want to add post below and I'll curate things into this top post as we go:


Obulus (C) -

Able to control the other team and his own with (among other things) Puppet Master. Hard to pin down and kill, capable of forcing the opposition to play around him.

Good into: most teams // Risky into: Teams with ranged Character Plays

Scalpel (C) -

Quick and able to mess with enemy positions with her legendary, as well as moving enemy influence around a little. Handing out Second Wind and Reanimate helps the team (and herself) move, escape and survive. Easy access Tackle and momentous dodges, better at stealing goals than dealing lots of damage (unless Tooled Up). Good at setting up takeouts with low playbook results.

Good into: Guilds with ARM (Blacksmiths) // Risky into: Guilds with a lot of >>/<< (Fish, Blacksmiths, Engineers, Brewers)

Dirge (M) -

Singled out and follow up (for crowd outs) make him great for improving Morticians’ attacks, particularly Cosset’s. Low TAC so can need 2 Inf (to Charge) to hit column 1. Survives longer than you’d expect because Dark Doubts costs the opposition MP.

Good into: ?? // Risky into: ??

Vileswarm (M) -

Low Inf use. Charges humans for 1 Inf, AoE damage + poison when killed.

Good into: ?? // Risky into: Tanky teams, non-human teams (Engineer Mechanica)

Bonesaw -

A high risk/reward Striker.  Impressive speed but needs a model with reasonable Kick near him to really shine with Football Dervish (Scalpel within 6”, Memory within 4”). Able to charge through model bases with his heroic and scatter enemy models with Unexpected Arrival, exposing them or freeing up friendlies. Once he scores, increased DEF makes him more resilient.

Good into: ?? // Risky into: ??

Brainpan + Memory -

Memory is great for ganging up/crowding out, tying up models, shutting down countercharge, doing momentous damage (esp with tooled up), and can score goals if needed. Vulnerable to KD as cannot stand up on his own. Brainpan is fragile but can be kept behind the front lines mostly. Good MP generators.

Good into: Guilds with countercharge (eg Masons) // Risky into: Guilds with easy KD (Farmers, Brewers, Masons)

Casket –

A tarpit model with decent damage. Legendary can swing games, especially if a high value target is available (but don’t wait turns for one). Hard to kill with Reanimate and Tough Hide. Position carefully to avoid messing up your own plans.

Good into: Fighting teams (Butchers, Union) // Risky into: Footballing teams (Fishermen)

Cosset - Assist (Dirge)

An Inf efficient glass cannon, with Dirge setting up she can kill a lot of models, even more if she’s Tooled Up. Not good at surviving any return damage though. Also able to drag enemy models out to be picked on by the team.

Good into: Striker/Football teams // Risky into: Tanky teams (Brewers, Blacksmiths)

Ghast -

A solid roadblock/disruption piece. Hard to deal with without proper focus. Only provides 1 Inf but can cost the enemy significant Inf and Mom. Good counter attack with :momPP: and early :momKD:, and Unmasking can scatter opposing models ready to be picked off. Incoming damage effects make him shine.

Good into: Butchers, Hunters, Engineers // Risky into: ??

Graves -

A toolbox model providing extra damage (Tooled Up), a 2” melee and good tackling ability with a reasonable kick. Fits into fighting and football teams nicely.

Good into: Pretty much everyone // Risky into: ??

veteran Graves - Packmaster, Creation (Vileswarm)

Provides extra VP for takeouts and access to Bleed. Decent pushes. Synergises with Vileswarm.

Good into: ?? Risky into: ??

Silence - Kick Support (Dirge), Creation (Dirge)

Provides control via burning AoE, as well as low cost (but high risk) plays that can wreck an opponent’s activation order. Momentous damage  as a backup option and a good kick for footballing setups (enhanced by Dirge)

Good into: Butchers, Brewers, Masons, Farmers, Smiths // Risky into: High def teams

Pelage - (Rat)

Provides solid damage output, especially against males. Attacking her provides little gain until she dies, while ignoring her lets her spread damage or Snared, making her very annoying in melee. She also has decent speed and a good kick for the Morticians, making her a good front anchor for goal runs and opportune takeouts.

Good into: ?? Risky into: ??

Skulk - (Rat)

A goalkeeper and good ball holder, able to shut down goal runs via decent counterattacks (one of which is free) and Lightning Reflexes negating attempts to dodge away. Less potent when Strikers have Where’d They Go or other long escape moves.

Good into: Goal focussed teams // Risky into: ??

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Here's my quick take since I haven't seen a reply. 


Obulus (C) - makes other team do what you want. If they manage to play around Obulus they will have to give up a lot in return. Very hard to kill. 

Scalpel (C) - Move comical distance around the field, scoot your opponents around to you liking, move inf around heroic second wind is amazing. Very weak vs 2" pushes or dodges as seen on fish/Smith's/eni/brewers

Dirge (M) - singled out + follow up is the most annoying glue in the game. Morts have amazing playbooks with meh TAC so singled out turns them into monsters. 

Vileswarm (M) - charge for 1 (vs human) to rabid animal then dies in an explosion! Generally worse than Dirge, week vs tanks or non humans also dies easily

Bonesaw - The gambling person's striker. Not as reliable as most but can score from anywhere on the pitch with a little setup. Can charge through enemies pushing then back into your team to score. One of the most fun models in the game. 

Brainpan + Memory - a crowd out machine and momentum generator and a fun toolbox of tricks all in one. Also a mental exercise of extreme measures. Can score claw out eyes. Very safe but hard to plan around. Weak to knockdown since memory doesn't activate. Don't take into brewers masons or farmers. Can easily first activation score post turn 1 with a little set up. 

Casket - Decent damage, eats speed. Heavy burden is amazing, reliable momentum on 2 damage his legendary is game shaping. 4 point kills win games. Careful not to ruin your own plans. Near impossible for most teams to kill. 

Cosset - The one true misstle. You can eat another player even a captain with some setup but then you'll likely leave her to die. Really beefy teams she's risky but vs striker teams she is a terror. With tooled up and or Dirge assist she's the scariest damage dealer in the game.

Ghast - the combination of 2" melee, rising anger, fear and reliable KD make Ghast the most disruptive player in the game. If he can get on an important player it puts quite a puzzle on your opponent how to get away. He's pretty killable but if they kill him it's likely a trade you were happy to make. 

Graves - good damage, free bleed, tooled up ,2" melee good kick (for Morts) Graves has everything you need and more! You'll see him being amazing in 100% of Mort games.

veteran Graves - the "mascot killer" can net you 2vp for mascot take outs! Or 3 from players. Great pushes... But also Graves original flavor is to good for this new recepie to see play. (No Vileswarm means the back of his card is blank)

Silence - Tucked and shutout are the 2 least reliable but most game altering plays in the game. Vs low def teams he is a must take and they will fear him. Good access to playbook damage and burning. Good utility player. 

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10 hours ago, FaiLoadeDice said:

Dirge (M) - singled out + follow up is the most annoying glue in the game. Morts have amazing playbooks with meh TAC so singled out turns them into monsters. 

Do You know that You can't take Singled Out as a result of a Parting Blow? This whole sentence is based on a missunderstanding, You need 2 inf for charge or Sic 'Em for Dirge to work.


Let me do it my way...

14 hours ago, Mako said:

Obulus (C) - the boss, tells other players what to do, both friendly and foe. He can easily disrupt enemy plans with his Character and Legendary Plays, setup or execute some janky goals and smash faces with some setup. He's also slippery and hard to catch. The one and only captain of Spooks exploits enemy mistakes like there is no tommorow.

Good opponents: You have no other choice to be honest, pressure and control he provides is unparalelled.

Scalpel (C) - the other captain You have in rooster but never drop, she's super fast and can handle the ball. Scalpel is also extremaly vulnerable to counter attack and must pick her targets wisely. Her damage output isn't as good as one might except due to poor playbook.

Good opponents: Intro gamings

Dirge (M) - the mascot of choice, raven is mobile, probably not worth killing and supports Cosset and Silence well. Use him for recovering/killing the ball and providing Gang Ups and situationaly for kamikaze goal runs (You need Bonus Time though!)

Good opponents: every guild, there is not much of a choice

Vileswarm (M) - this model needs buff, please ignore it.

Bonesaw - the handicapped striker, suffers from huge base, low defensive stats before he scores, no buyable dodge and short threat range. Theoretically his threat range is huge, in practice he relies on passes in a guild that has unreliable kicks. Bonesaw needs setup and some extra momentum to do things that other strikers do on their own. Mists handicapped brother. Unexpected arrival can dirsupt enemy strategy though.

Good opponents: Farmers maybe? Mist is always superior but we'll lose acces to him soon.

Brainpan + Memory - this pair is so much different that it's hard to compare them to other models. Played well they can do some crazy, unexpected tricks with the ball. Memorys outside-of-activation dodges can provide multiple Ganging Ups and block charge. They are reliable, both in scoring and attacking. Brainpan is very weak on his own.

Good opponents: all but the risky ones. Risky opponents: guilds with reliable KD, puppet hates that condition.

Casket - the tough guy, he can survive quite a few blows. Where he shines is his Legendary Play. It's hard to execute but the tempo swing it provides is huge. Watch out for his 3" rough ground aura - it's double-edged weapon. Ghostly visage and heavy burden can realy mess people up. 

Good opponents: he's hard to justify unless You can land the Legendary. If Knee Slider is in Your opponents hand - don't take him.

Cosset - the ultimate glass cannon, this lass can deal serious damage (to the point where it's overkill) with little setup - all she needs is her crow. Provides some control with Lure and is influence efficent thanks to Furious. At the same time she's extremaly fragile and prone to good counter attacks.

Good opponents: guilds that like to spread out, hunting enemy strikers is fun and she can setup some kills with Lure

Ghast - the roadblock. 2" melee zone, relatively high TAC, reliable KD, Fear and decent HP pool make him good brawler, he likes being in the thick of things. He can prepare targets for Obulus and his Unmasking realy reshuffles the board. He provides only 1 influence and that's his biggest weakness. 

Good opponents: whenever You feel the need of brawling

Graves - the Swiss army knife, he brings soooo many tools. Tooled Up makes Your guys hit much harder, 2" melee with high TAC and low tackle make strikers life much harder, Scything Blow with built-in bleed is huge and he can even handle the ball! One man army.

Good opponents: auto-include!

veteran Graves - the guy that doesn't fit into tournament 10. He has two major flaws: he has no back of the card (and front isn't great either!) and he is named Graves and basic version is great. Proxy-Skulk for now.

Good opponents: none, You just don't take him.

veteran Hemlocke - the mysterious lass, noone but SFG and beta-testers knows her card.

Silence - the former auto-include, he was auto-include back in season 2 but was overnerfed so his use is limited now. He can throw fire AoE hindering the movement of enemy players. He has 2 great character plays that can dictate the order of activation of foes but with 1 die rolled they are extremaly unreliable. Quite good damage source with :mom2: on 2 hits and solid kick (especially when he's close to Dirge)

Good opponents: those with low def and relying on activation order

Pelage - (Rat) - can't tell much as she's new. Seems to be antoher glass cannon.

Skulk - (Rat) - the goalkeeper, he'new is the new kid in town but he became Obulus' and Graves' best buddy already. Another 2" melee piece. Hounds enemies like there is no tommorow and makes their life miserable. Scoring becomes much harder with this guy on the pitch.

Good opponents: auto include if You are kicking, pick whenever You expect enemy to go for goals but Skulk can also brawl.


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@Selfy makes a good point (not about the rat urine :P ) - if someone has one model they get great use out of, just comment on that. Think of it like a budget wiki ;)

Haven't had chance to compile things into the top post yet but keep the ideas coming, we're aiming to get as much info about uses for each model into a tiny space! 

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Feel free, though my German skills are pretty rusty so I can’t promise I’ll be able to incorporate the info into the first post :D

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Brainpan and Memory - One is a dodgy geezer you want to keep away from people. The other is a dodgy murder puppet that you want to tie people up with (also handy for a goal or 2)

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Brainpan and Memory - Good at Ganging-up and can stick memory to a model with counter charge or furious.

BM is the best MP farmer and also good at DPS. Memory with tooled up is nightmare.

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Thanks for the input folks!

I've fudged some brief summaries together for a few models, if there's something that's missing or doesn't match your experience definitely say - there's no guarantee it all got through my compiling properly :D

Everything in the summaries can be updated with new info whenever, keep posting and we'll build up a nice little summary sheet (and if it goes well and people think it's useful, it will slowly get rolled out across the guilds).

Might get the rest done today, with a bit of luck :)

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Scalpel: If you have her tooled up she can take a deal of health off your chosen 'victim' before delivering him/her to Casket for boxing. 1" push dodge with 1(Tooled up2) Momentous damage is the desired result . Don't forget that 'second wind' is for getting her OUT of trouble.


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Obulus has issues into teams with ranged character plays or other ways of getting at his low health pool without dealing with Unpredictable Movement.

Casket is good into teams which want to do damage and can be pinned down and beaten up, like Butchers and Union. He is poor into teams which are good at disengaging and don't want to group up and brawl, like Fishermen.

Ghast has a cheap momentous knockdown, 2" reach, and reasonable damage while costing the enemy additional resources to attack. He also has a great counter attack with a double push on his second column. He is somewhat vulnerable to focused fire (since all his 'don't hit me' tech only works once per turn and he has poor defensive stats). Good into teams which are vulnerable to counter attacks (Butchers) or who have damage attached to their control effects (Hunters, Engineers).

Silence is a powerful control piece with momentous damage as a backup option. Fire Blast lets him damage people at range, which prevents standoffs and forces melee teams (masons, butchers, brewers) to come into you to engage. Tucked and Shutout are very powerful plays, especially against teams which want to set up their activations in a specific order. Good into teams which want to set up buffs on a few players (Farmers, Smiths) and against low def melee teams (Butchers, Brewers, Masons)

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We're almost there, I just need to add in Skulk (and Pelage if anyone has proxied her) - and of course if anyone wants to suggest a change, post up! :D

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In the Morticians' case, they only have access to their union options for two more weeks - on the 20th April their minor guild (the Ratcatchers) will be released, and they'll lose access to the union in favour of having Skulk and Pelage from the Ratcatchers instead.

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Skulk: Great pseduo-goalkeeper, that is decent to kill the ball on. Decent counter attack (<< on 2; 2 dam on 3) that is free OPT. Super annoying piece to lock down Strikers without access to multiple lengthy dodges (doubles plus WDTG or push dodges.)

Pelage: Walking dilemma for your opponent. Try to deal with her? Eat damage for no gain unless you kill her. Forget about her? Eat damage or take a snare with no rolls. Her damage output vs ~60% of the field (males) is sick. But most of all, perhaps surprisingly, she is decently speedy with a 3/6" kick. Gives you another reasonably reliable Bonesaw target. Likely subs for Cosset unless you are going for a 1-4 or 0-6 game, in which case you might bring both.

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How about You add our MVP?

Veteran Hemlocke - the hottest player in the team, blinds enemies, provides out of activation jog to friends, has scary goal threat, :momT: on 1 success with 2" melee, can cast spells spending HP instead of influence, killing her makes Your enemy loose MP - tons of utility with scoring potential on top of it.

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