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Great video. I really liked the way you built up different facets of the game over the first 3 turns so as not to overwhelm the viewer with all the different rules. It was great that so many things came up in the game - wraps and various TN and dice pool modifiers, interceptions and so on. It was also great to see the game go down to the wire and seeing the swing of the dice when Ox's seemingly guaranteed final TO fluffed. Lots of drama!

I have a few questions and comments/observations:

Ox's sprint range was incorrect in T1 (8 on the card, 7 max quoted in the vid), so he might have been able to smack someone. You also say Ox has a 7" charge in T3, but it says 8 on the card. This might be confusing for new players.

The goal kicks were measured 10" from the centre of the goal. Is this correct? Rules state "target spot that is within 10" of the friendly goal post". You also measure Angel's distance from goal in T3 from the centre of the goal marker rather than the edge.

When Brisket threw dirty knives in T2, you say that you don't need to take into account ganging up or "anything like that". I thought character plays were subject to crowding out penalties, is this correct?

Your use of the phrase "knocked down to x health" or "knock her down by x damage" is a source of confusion given the knockdown condition.

You reroll a cocked die in one of Ox's attacks in the final round - I think it's worth explaining why it was rerolled.

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