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      There’s a new section in the guild ball area designed to help rookies, but it needs others to help out - why not write a post for it? Anything that’s good for people to know, whatever faction they’re starting out with!
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First turn

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Hi all,


I'm pretty new to Guild ball and while things are starting to click now, I still struggle a bit with deciding how to allocate influence in the first turn, particularly when I'm kicking off. For background, I started with the kick off brewers and lost all my games (~7-8) spectacularly. Recently switched to Masons kick off box (plus Lucky and Mist as options) and found it much more intuitive and actually have won 2/2 with them. In my last one I ran Honour, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mist, Lucky and it was so much fun!

I realise it's very Guild/strategy specific, but any general pointers would be appreciated.

What do you tend to do T1 with:

1. Kicking football team

2. Kicking violent team

3. Receiving football team (this one's pretty intuitive - pass the ball down the line to generate mom and fer your strikers into position right?)

4. Receiving violent team (I guess hide the ball and move your big hitters up?)


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Hey there and welcome to the game.


Here's what I find helps for these questions.

  • Who kicks? The guy that I want to move up the board for free. If you're playing a violent squad, then you want the most mobile OR strongest threat up front. If you're playing a goal team, then you want the one who is the most mobile and able to steal a ball and kick a goal.
    Why? Because this puts pressure on the other player to either move cagey up the board (allowing the rest of your team to go in aggressively and claim prime space) or to rush for the ball and risk a pass to hide it somewhere.

I mainly play fish and loathe attrisherman, so I can only help with questions 1 and 3, but here's what I do.

1) When I'm kicking. I deploy largely in the center and try to kick a short ball down the center. I always have a plan on who's going to go for a T1 shot and then use my ball retrieval to set it up making use of 4 inch dodges to make it easier. Typically the guys that aren't going to be making goal shots or messing with my opponents will get 0-1 influence because all I want them to do is move somewhere useful for turn 2.

So assuming a shark line up. Shark/Corsair gets 5 or 6, My mascot gets 2 (I usually run tentacles and use blind to threaten or weaken counter attacks or counter charges if possible. My planned goal scorer (Usually sakana) gets 4, and Greyscales gets 1 because I like 9 inches of movement. if I'm using siren, then mascot gets none so she can do a cheeky lure, so I can generate momentum from picking on someone with shark. Typically my plan  as a kicker is to either get the ball and throw it back or, if impossible, to bully someone so I win first activation turn two.

3) When I'm receiving I go for a wide deployment with my main goal scorers in the middle and my ball retrievers on the side so I can make sure that my bases are covered when the ball is always thrown to the side.Whomever is on the side with the ball gets 2 or 3 momentum (Sprint, collect, Pass, Maybe where they go). My captain gets 4-6. My intended goal scorer gets loaded up and I spread out the rest to ensure favorable board position.

There's more strategy involving specific teams/match ups, but this is plenty of discussion for now.

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Sorry but in the case of you kicking Akodo .. .who did you have kicking to get up the field for free?Shark or Sakana?

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No worries Meph. The answer to that depends on how the map looks.

If I see cover that's close to the middle, then Sakana will kick off, because it keeps Shark safer and Sakana becomes a movement monster when he starts in useful cover. But since that rarely ever happens (My luck has seen useful cover on the wings) then I always have Shark kick off. Because he's fast enough, especially with his movement boost, that he can threaten the ball on most of the field.

I've been experimenting with a kicking strategy where you kick it at an angle and shoot for it bouncing back to the middle for a shallow kick, but it's not been working out for me.

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