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The Old Buzzard

the figures

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I had to spend ages trimming flash off my figures. I mean an hour per figure except for Iron. Bolt's arms were a sod to do as I didn't want to loose his arm or my finger!  Anvil has no ends to the fingers of his shield arm. There is a hollow where there could have been a nail.  I first thought 'it is just plastic figures.'  But I have just cleaned up the figures for Dark Souls. It took me an hour to do them all. Next to nothing. They are a bit bendy but they have been in the box ages.

Did I get a rough batch or is everyone having trouble?

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Mine have varied pretty widely from model to model. Anvil and Furnace had some pretty bad lines in my first box. The second box seems pretty clean except Bolt with heavy lines in lousy places. Luckily he'll be replaced by metal Bolt. 

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