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The weather here is fine

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Good morning!/afternoon everyone! Long time reader first time poster. I just wanted to take a moment to say hello.

ive been playing miniature games off for 20+ years and guild ball off and on since it's conception. However for the last couple months I've been eating sleeping and breathing it. so far I have amassed farmers, smiths, morticians and alchemists. I'm lucky enough to say that I at least get 4-6 games a week in (would love to get more but,school,life,etc...). I think I've finally settled on playing alchemists as I enjoy more of a ball game. I know the smiths have one hell of a ball game as well, but without access to the second box I just get bored commiting ferrite and tapping in with iron. Where as the vitriol/ Midas goal machine seems more my  thing. I digress and should save that and my opinion on the farmers for another post (felt dirty for playing them).I live in California, about an hour south of San Francisco and would love to get some more games in. Time's tight right now but my local shop just sees me and 2 others playing somewhat consistently on a few days here and there. We would love to expand the meta.

well I've droaned on long enough! Looking forward to being part of this awesome community and supporting the hobby anyway I can.

what does it take to become a pundit  exactly?



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