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Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

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So far with two days remaining the following players are jostling for pole position:


Aaron Wilson
Albert Cox
Alex Brooks
Andy Witheridge
Ben Davy
Ben Harris
Chris Wilding
Conor Rooney
Dan Wood
David Rouse
Gary Buckley
Jason Downey
Jason Inglin
Jason Mountain
John Chadrock
Jon Bucket
Luke Berry
Maria Wieland
Marky Ackinson
Matt  Price
Michael Bell
Michael Coomber
Michael Measures
Mike Pollard
Paul Sutton
Russell George
Ryan Newland
Samuel Green
Valerian Langton
William Hough


So who will step up to mark and deny these folks their hopes and dreams?


Two places remaining.



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I can bring along a clock.

Where's the best place to park the car?  Looking at google maps there's a space out the back of the shop but I can't tell if it's ok to park there.

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Follow the directions to Kingston Centre and park in that car park. It's large, and free, so there is plenty of space to park. You can get to the shop by cutting through the shopping centre.

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First off let me say thanks to everyone who turned up, I'm lead to believe many had a pretty damned good day of fun.

Now to the lessons learnt and being hyper critical of the experience.

1) As the organiser, one must remember that google maps for venues is not always the be end and end all. As I use it a lot I forget others don't.

Perhaps need to expand upon directions and parking.

2) Competition clocks, must remember that one is needed for every game being played.

That said thanks to one of the players, we got a good head start with the gentleman arriving with ten clocks.   Now I know where to get them I.e. who to contact in our own local club, this may not be a problem, but it was a worry today.

3) Learn Longshanks, or rather understand how asking for players club, can activate a checkbox stating to try and avoid local club players meeting each other in the first round.  It would of been handy if I had known how to drop players between registration and prior to round one beginning.

4) Have a timetable and try as best as you can to keep to it.  This to a point wasn't really an issue, but kicking off round one due to point 3 being in play did not make it easy.

5) Being 15 months out of the game, makes rules calls slightly challenging.  Thankfully the group of players who were here today were far more experienced in this than I and were able to be called upon even by the very experienced players present when asked.

6) Judging painted teams can be difficult if some of the painters in the competition are good friends of yours.  Luckily I had help in form of some of the spectators today, who discussed some of the merits and downfalls of the teams on show. I merely tallied up their opinions, which wasn't hard as they all chose the same painter.

7) Learn to relax and not worry about the points above, for even though I'm being extremely picky here, we got by.

Anyway, I hope that everyone enjoyed their day out in sunny MK and here to having a go at another MK in MK once more.




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