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Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

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GuildBall Tournament - MK in MK II

Saturday 30th June 2018 
09:00 til 19:30

Wargames Workshop and Chris Grice will host a 32 person Guild Ball Tournament 
32 Players, 5 Rounds
1. Tickets £10 - Book your ticket today
Before buying your ticket(s) please read section 2

1.1 Contact Chris Grice (me) via Facebook messenger
1.2 I'll confirm your place
1.3 You can post payment via Tiebreaker (https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/momentous-knockdown-in-milton-keynes/feed)
1.4 I'll add your name to the player roster
2. Things you need to bring:
2.1 Fully painted Team Roster (If possible)
2.2 Season4 Plot Cards & Player Cards
OPTIONAL - I would be most grateful if you're able to STATE whether or not you're able to bring along an official play mat on-the-day.
3. Agenda & Timings:
09:00 – Player Registration & Introduction
09:10 - 11:00 Game 1
Small Break
11:10 – 13:00 GAME 2
13:00 - 13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30 – 15:20 GAME 3
Small Break
15:30 – 17:20 GAME 4
Small Break
17:30 - 19:20 Game 5
19:20 – 19:30 Presentations
4. Prizes
4.1 There will be some, I promise.
5. Format
5.1 Team Roster consists of 1-2 [Captain] models, 1-2 [Mascot] models, and 4-8 Team Member models that play for the selected Guild.
5.2 Players may select both an ORIGINAL and a VETERAN versions of a single named model in their 10 model rosters.
6. Best Painted Team
6.1 A mystery judge will be viewing your entries.
6.2 Bribes to the mystery judge will be frowned upon but still taken.

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57 minutes ago, Greeniliad said:

Are there places still avaliable?

Yep, 3 spaces still remaining

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Coming up to the last days to apply to play down South.  With no main World Cup match clashes its an ideal time to hone your skills for the Nationals. Come one come all, well at least another three people.

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And as if by magic, another place has opened, two places remaining ten days left to get in there and get that slot you always wanted but were afraid to apply for.  Go on you know you want to. 

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So after some moving about and other things, we are proud to announce that there is only one place remaining.  its a very important place, its need some loving and is looking for a home.

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1 hour ago, SilverNines said:

Ok, I'm in!  I'm assuming there aren't actually Season 4 plot cards or if there are then I can print them off :)

They are the Game Plan cards. Everybody will have a deck, so you should be able to find some to use. If you do want to print them office you find the deck at the end of the OPD


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