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Where are all the updates?

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It's close to february now and the closing of the pledge manager and we have yet to receive any worthwhile updates. Why are there no more info about the rules (and tweaks to them), the tiles, special monsters and so on. I guess I can only speak for myself but It's hard to complete the pledge manager when you have close to zero updates from the creators.


People already had a ton of questions and doubts before the kickstarter ended but I never expected this kind of silence for several months

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I can appreciate frustrations when you are invested in to a project and you just want as much info as possible, I know I have been there having backed many kickstarters myself.

Now I'm seeing what goes on from the other side in making a kickstarter in to a final product. I can assure you there is lots going on in the background to ensure the Resident Evil 2 project goes as smoothly as possible, but most of it wouldn't make interesting reading. I could just image an update based on us having a meeting with the manufacturers in China over the pros and cons of differing card thicknesses.  

As a licensed product we also need to go through an approval process for every detail that gets changed. For example the miniature manufacturer recommends rotating a models hand by 45 degrees to make a better cleaner moulding process, even that little change needs to get approved. 

We are certainly working hard in the background to ensure the end product is the quality we want it to be but this stage doesn't give a lot of options for interesting updates, but rest assured once we have stuff to share we will do.


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