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Engeeners vs Morticians

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Sorry for my bad English, I'm French and I'm not good so in the language of Shakespeare, I go through Google translation.
Recently I played against the Morticians & I lost 2 times, I have trouble managing this team. Obulus is very boring with Puppet Master & I find that Cosset, oGraves & Brainpan hurt a lot. Here are our 2 Rosters:
Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, oGraves, Brainpan & Skulk
Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Locus, Hoist & Ratchet
I thought Ballista was the most suited against Morticians thanks to Minefield, I avoid Cosset's charges or at least make him think if she gets Crazy. He is beefier than Pin Vice with Tough Hide & generates more Momentum with Momentus Inspiration. I played Locus the last part thinking I needed more of the 2 '' Melee Zone, but eventually Harry is better suited for this kind of mission. It was the first time I played it & I did not find it really good, it's slow, it does not fit well, its Character Plays are situational & in the end Gravity well not worth a real scrum 2 '' . Colossus is very good, mixed zone 2 '', Tough Hide, he is there to occupy the ground and if need be mark or open paths through Unexpected Arrival. Hoist still does his job, he plays the ball, he duplicate Blast Earth, he uses Burrow, he cash well, short of positive. Mother, nothing to say & Ratchet the same.
Finally my concern comes from the fact that I get bogged down in the middle of the field after Puppet Master. Then with Cosset, oGraves & Memory it's Hiroshima on a player every turn .... To break this I thought to wait with Hoist & Ratchet to finish with 4 Blast Earth & 8 pvs on everyone, since they are generally very close to each other. Unless you throw bad dice, it could calm down end of turn 1 especially they are all 4+ DEF.
I wonder if Pin Vice would not be more playable against them, with Deletion & Controller? With Deletion I can go from 8 to 12 pvs (Blast Earth) & Controller allows me to activate Velocity without taking a risk of a Puppet Master & lose the ball. If I get the ball I can score a turn goal 1 & thus gain the advantage over my opponent level points, then I'm waiting for the Snap Shot with Velocity.
If someone already has experience against the Morticians, I'm interested.

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Purely from theory, I think ballista is the way to go in morticians. Deadbolt is golden if he hides the ball on Obulus, and minefield is great against cosset for example, as you mentioned. 

Locus feels okay, but I would leave him out for Velocity or Compound. 

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I always take PV into Obulus. Why? For Controller. If I receive, take Harry with me. Mother picks the ball with a nest and places it on the ground. Hoist and Ratchet do some aoe. Then PV picks the ball, passes it to Velocity, who makes a free dodge thanks to Harry. Now comes Controller. Velocity is in range for a turn 1 goal and I have a spare momentum point.

From turn 2 I can kill a player a turn with PV. I have higher Mov, so I can position safely and try to kill a player before he activates. Velocity and Hoist can approach Obulus and tackle him, so he's not a safe ball bunker. Well, even Mother can do it ;) Also, Mother has 4" kick, so I can hide the ball on the spider if I'm afraid of Puppet Master.

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Ballista all the way. Obulus's defensive tech matter's little to a team that can put 11 damage per turn downfield at range and can KD the ball off of him from range. Additionally, your team is tanky enough to be pretty hard for Mort's to grind through, AND you are better goal scorers. Additionally, between Velocity, Colossus, and Hoist (true repping burrow or acrobatics), all of your strikers can get around unpredictable movement. 


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I started off as a Morts player and have somewhat recently picked up the Engineers. I have never played into the Morts so I cannot tell you which captain may be best but I think both captains have their advantage.

What you would ideally like is to engage Cosset with Colossus because of his 2” melee and easy KD. This will shut down her attack because 1. She can’t charge into you because you are engaging her 2. Have to jog to hit you and surrender her free charge 3. Can’t KD you since she doesn’t have KD 4. Can’t easily push you away because you have Stoic. The situation is even better if she is KD prior to her activation so that a KD counter attack from Colossus would essentially end her activation. This would leave them to either use Graves to burn Stoic and push you away from Cosset so she can charge in or have Oboulus PM you away, both of which you can activate Colossus next and re-engage Cosset. Cosset is also pretty killable so some AOEs and Colossus swings should take care of her. It is also going to be hard for Cosset to kill Colossus with his tough hide. It’s likely the Morts player will try to avoid this pairing as much as possible. A second wind to engage her is something they might not see coming and then would have to deal with. While trying to deal with getting Colossus off Cosset, the rest of your team is hopefully scoring goals. Best of luck!

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Match against the Morticians of Daniel at the Temple, after my two defeats in a row I decided to replace Ballista by Pin Vice & bet on a goal round 1. I wanted to try the Roster of Rodheus & test the Blitzkrieg of Strasbourg. I took Harry to have a second Mz2 '' & play the offtank doing control with Goad & Molotov. I did not take Hoist for the first time and I opted for Velocity to make occasions or to interfere with DEF 6+ in the opposing lines. Daniel asks me if I intend to score goals and I tell him that I intend to score at least 2, he decides to take Skulk for his last player in the end.
- Obulus
- Dirge
- Brainpan
- cosset
- oGraves
- Skulk
- Pin Vice
- Mother
- Colossus
- Velocity
- Rachet
- Harry '' The Hat ''
Tour 1:
I lose the Toss, Daniel decides to engage & offers me the opportunity to test the Blitzkrieg (nice). I position my figs so I can make passes easily & especially for Colossus to have a boulevard to score. Daniel places his figs in the center & puts Cosset on his left wing in front of Velocity. Obulus engages the ball landed in front of my players a little to my right. I activate Velocity who launches Nimble, runs, picks up the ball, makes a pass to Rachet while staying 1 "from a set in front of Cosset. And then I realize that Rachet at 0 of INF ... ..
Shit !!!! What a big ass all ... .. Daniel plays Skulk quickly, I activate Rachet puts the ball in front while moving a little. Ouffff (I get angry too quickly sometimes ^^). He moves Dirge forward to engage Velocity with the aim of knocking her out with Cosset afterwards. This is where I tell myself that it's time to do the Blitz. I activate Pin Vice who launches Controller on Colossus, I run to get the ball & gives him a pass, Dodge 4 '', Colossus passes to Pin Vice, Dodge 4 '', then Pin Vice redone pass -Dodge 4 ''. Little game in a triangle of my team, I love and especially I see that Colossus is in a position to score after using proxis & having measured. I activate Colossus who declares a charge on Obulus & advance my fig. without sticking the base ... .. Big mistake on my part when Daniel announces me that makes a Unpredictable Movement with his Captain .... Fuck but I do it on purpose or what ???? I tell myself. In short I still have 1 INF, I am goal scoring but there are 3 figs on the ball.

I still have 2 Momentums & decides to shoot anyway with 2 dice, I roll the dice & get 4 & 5. Goaaaaallllll. Daniel did not expect it and asked me what I wanted to do when loading Obulus, I explained him the little joke of Unexpected Arrival & the part continues. It releases the ball on my left wing which will deviate 6 '' forward. It activates Brainpan & Memory which will start to put nice pots on Colossus. I play fast with Mother & makes her walk straight ahead but I forget to put a Nest-Marker. I activate Harry who sends Goad & Molotov to Obulus and tells me I'm going to fuck him with fire on his ass. He charges Velocity with Cosset & will not make any touch on his Charge against a DEF 7+, then will do him some pvs afterwards. He plays Obulus right after, does his Shadow Like 2 '' to engage Colossus, then I tell him that if he wants to make a MOV it's directly to Harry. Rereading the Character Play, I realize that ultimately, he is not obliged to do all of his MOV directly to my fig, I find it worse than expected. He has 7 INF on the ass & starts to smash Colossus who had already lost 2 pvs because of Controller plus those of Memory, he is left with some pvs. He activates Graves who will finish Colossus. I get my tank on the left wing to get the ball the next round.

Score: 4-2


Tour 2:

Daniel wins the initiative & has Graves loaded on Velocity, he will leave it at 5 or 6 pvs & Bleed on the ass ... .. I play Ratchet who will launch Tooled Up on his Captain, story that she sends wood this turn . He activates Obulus who Puppet Master Pin Vice & sends him next to Velocity to be engaged by Cosset, Dirge & Graves (fine, that suits me). After a Shadow Like & a Flaming MOUV, he finds himself behind Cosset & begins to fight against Velocity without doing too much damage but bypassing to find himself to engage Pin Vice without the possibility of retaliating. I activate Pin Vice, launch Deletion & will put his first two attacks on Dirge that will allow me to release the Mascot & put me to 1 '' Captain Mortician to put his teeth in without taking it out & I take care of 4pvs before losing. He activates Cosset & Tap on Velocity to push it back and then charge it just behind, but leaves it at 3pvs & Bleed. I play Mother in advance, put a Nest-Marker to pick up the ball & pass Colossus who Dodge 4 'right to the goal. He advances Brainpan & Memory towards Colossus & Mother, I charge behind with Harry & succeed for the first time to complete my line with 3pvs / KD / MM. I activate Colossus who loads Memory to put KD on it too, Skulk will also do nothing after a counter-attack that will put KD on it. I activate Velocity coming out of the Cosset Mz via Nimble & will take care of Bleed.
Score: 5-2

Tour 3:

Daniel activates Skulk who will attack to crack Close control & Stoic in Colossus. I turn on Harry, who begins to wrench his keys to get out Memory. Obulus will take care of Velocity & return her to the dressing room this turn, Pin Vice under Deletion will be able to engage Obulus & there is Gang Bang on Bubu !!!! I make big jets disgusting (Daniel called '' Denounce your pig '' at this time of the game) & it is with 3 & 4 pvs by attacks that Obulus goes out on a stretcher. Mother engera Skulk & ask a Nest-Marker story to interfere with the melee on my left. Finally, after returning Memory & a charge of Graves, Colossus will lose the ball & clear the center of the field in my camp. Cosset being free will charge Pin Vice & leave it to a few pvs. Rachet being too far to charge Cosset, he will swing Blast Earth leaving her to a few pvs.

Score: 7-4


Tour 4:

On my left, the big scrum between Skulk, Brainpan, Memory & Graves vs. Colossus, Mother & Harry will end with the release for the second time of Colossus. On the other side Obulus tries to get back into the fray, Pin Vice manages to get out Cosset & Velocity returns to the field, gets the ball & passes to Pin Vice who Dodge 4 '' ahead without checking if I was within Graves charge range ... .. Just after, Graves charges me and sticks me a Bleed on ass with 3 pvs.

Score: 9-6

Tour 5:

In the maintenance phase, Pin Vice loses 3 pvs & snaps his Reanimate, luckily I win the Toss & after a first attack, followed by a counterattack of Graves that does not reach Tackler because of Close Control, a second attack that will allow me to get out of the fray & put myself in shooting range to score the goal of the victory.

Score: 13-6


Balance sheet:

Finally I managed to beat Daniel's Morticians !!!! Pin Vice is much better I find & offers more possibilities than Ballista. The Blitzkrieg with Colossus is just huge, but beware of the charge, you are not safe from a rotten jet. Once again I found Harry too limited, I will leave either on Hoist or Locus to have Mechanica or replay Decimate story to have a wheel of help if Pin Vice is out. Moreover, to have understood that Goad did not oblige to make all his movement directly towards me cooled down. It made me feel odd not to play Hoist at first, but eventually it did not hurt me more than that. Marking round 1 is really a big advantage, first of all you put a lot of pressure on your opponent, and then, as Rodheus says, you're in each other's camp. So, way to quickly score with the Ingés, I just have to heal more Colossus otherwise he left turn 1. Y also has the opportunity to score with Velocity turn 1 & after she is at the other & waiting for the flyovers. Well, there's still a lot of work to do with these Ingés, it's cool


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