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Next match.... Union vs. Butchers

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Butchers, not Brewers.

If you can tie up Boar, his damage potential goes down greatly. Fangtooth could probably serve that role well, but may not be what you want to have fangtooth do, if you play fangtooth.

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Bring the reach/kd game, use mist, win.

my list would run like:

vet rage(legendary & heroics), Harry (Molotov inspired hat), strongbox(kd on 1), mist(best striker in the game), a&g(kd off dropped greed), minx (snared, back to the shadows)

Stay in auras (hat/shelling out) farm momentum and use it, heal hard, counter for the kd and push/dodges, threaten goals and snap backs with mist and a mid/backfield minx. 


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