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Tournament report - Hub Ball 3 (16-man Scottish event)

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Roster: VRage, Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Decimate, Harry, Benny, Snakeskin, Gutter, Hemlocke. 

Results: Tapper Brewers (12-1 win), Farris Blacksmiths (12-4 loss), Thresher Farmers (12-4 win), Fillet Butchers (12-8 win). Finished 4th/16. 

Thoughts: I played Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Decimate in all four games. They provided me with a “core four” that I could build a team around and used the last as flex slots for whatever else I felt I needed a boost in, so it was between Harry/Benny and Snakers/Gutter. Unfortunately, Gutter was the most disappointing overall. I just don’t feel she’s warranted without VRage set up. With him she’s amazing and worth concentrating on; without him she’s barely worth giving influence to due to her lack of manoeuvrability and combo-results on her playbook. Snakers was a close second on the disappointment scale. I took her twice and found that I didn’t have enough inf to give her to let her do much. Best she did was threaten to steal the ball back but by that point I already had Decimate/Mist/Blackheart threaten a goal run. I reckon I’ll swap her out for Minx, as she can do much the same but more efficiently (Furious, momentous damage, free Snare), survives better without activation overall, suits hit-and-run playstyle a bit better and is just damn good fun to use. 
VRage is nice to have on the roster and I do like using him but I find Blackheart a better captain due to being able to get himself out of trouble very easily. VRage is easier to control and I prefer being reactive rather than trying to figure out how to control my opponents team. 

Overall, looking forward to playing them again at the next event!

What are your experiences with these?

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