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Event for beginners: need some advice

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I want to organize a full-day event to find new players in my local gaming groups.
The basic idea is to spend the morning as a "training camp/trials", have lunch all together and then, in the afternoon, do a mini-tournament.
In the morning (9.30-12.30 AM) the experienced players (called "Masters") should teach the rules to new players (the "Apprentices"), directly playing a friendly match with one of them or supervising a match between two "Apprentices".
In the afternoon (14-18), there will be a tournament (I'd like to do 2 rounds of matches):
- a Master will play with another Master
- an Apprentice against another Apprentice (different from the one he played with in the morning if possible).
- in case of odd numbers, I thought Apprentices could play with Masters but starting 4-0.
- the winners are the members of the team composed by the sum of scores of a Master with the Apprentices who teached to in the morning.
I'm not a gaming store owner and I have a veeeery limited budget and I don't want to ask subscription fee higher than 5-10€, so for the gaming materials I was thinking to:
- use paper dolls instead of real miniatures: all 10 Guilds (no Union) and then randomly assign one to the Apprentices (I don't really find possible to have more than 10 players). I'm going to use only 6 characters for each guild.
- print team cards for every players in the Guilds, just to give the Apprentice some examples of possible future lineup.
- at the end of the game, every Apprentice could go home with the printed cards of their teams, their 6 paper dolls, the measuring widgets and only for the winners (maybe) the mat they played on.
Now I need some advice from all of you:
1) what measuring widget should I give to players? I thought one 3" x 2" x 1" and one 1" x 8" for each player could be enough but a friend suggests a 4" x 6" instead of the 1" x 8"
2) I want to involve the new players and give them the right time to make their moves but, remembering my first matches, they could last forever so how do you think about using the official rules for time-measurement tools? Or maybe tweaking them (but how?) to speed up the matches?
3) Do you have some other advice?
Thanks in advance! :-)


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Where are you from, and is there a Pundit in your area? They would probably be an excellent resource to draw on for advise on getting your day set up. Clap on the back for stepping up and trying to grow the game!  

If you can manage each of those widgets it would be ideal... but if you have to choose 2... go for the 3x2x1 and the 1x8 ... I mostly used those ones when starting out for sure! Keep it lighthearted and fun for the newcomers and good luck!!

Maybe a couple of Kick Off started sets as prizing of some sort to get a couple of the newcomers set up to continue playing... just a thought!

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I'm italian and there is not a Pundit  near me. There are a couple of gaming store but at the moment either of them is interested to start a movement due to lack of players.

I play with 2-3 other guys but we're just starting to invest money in the game so I want to organize this event to find some more players in the strong X-Wing and Warhammer communities that already exists around my local gaming groups.


PS: I play in a couple of gaming groups near Lago Maggiore, if some italian player is interested: https://www.google.it/maps/place/Lago+Maggiore/@45.9510599,8.3931098,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4785da3000663d91:0x57dee83627ca92ee!8m2!3d45.9676218!4d8.6532586?dcr=0

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4 hours ago, ForestRambo said:

This sounds like a frikking awesome idea. 

6 x 4 x 2 x 1  I'd say are the Widgets to go for. 

Yes, this could be a nice, cheaper but still effective solution. Thanks!

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