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      Training Ground   02/14/2018

      There’s a new section in the guild ball area designed to help rookies, but it needs others to help out - why not write a post for it? Anything that’s good for people to know, whatever faction they’re starting out with!
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3 hours ago, blueboyzcaptain said:

Not sure if it's just me, but it appears the current resources page is missing the engineers cards. Anyone else experiencing this?

The printable option on the cards is also missing...

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9 hours ago, Falkman said:

The resources page seem to be somewhat abandoned. You can find all the current Guild ball rules, cards, errata and organised play stuff under the Guild ball header instead: http://steamforged.com/guildball just scroll down a bit.

Normally i'd take you're word for it, but I had been using it for a year, then they changed it recently and now they are missing. Specifically they changed it to a scroll bar only showing 5 guild icons at a time from when it used to be just all the icoons in a long list. I don't think it can be both abandond and changing at the same time, I would just like to know what happened/if I need to find a new card source for my vassal games. (I don't want to have to grab them out of my bag when I have 2 monitors to use.)

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2 hours ago, ningu said:

It's going to be sorted out on Monday. In the meantime, I have a copy of the printable engineers cards I can send you.

i'm good, just a quality of life thing. I can wait. Just thought I'd bring it up so it can be fixed.

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