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Complete list of all GB podcasts

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Public service announcement.
I've seen a couple podcast related posts in the last 24 hours with people either having difficulty finding a particular GB podcast or people asking if non-active GB podcasts were any good.
Both of these issues stem from iTunes' search feature hiding acting GB podcasts and featuring non-active GB podcasts.
Here are the iTunes links to every active Guild Ball podcast. In order for them to be featured when people search "Guild Ball" they need reviews from you. Please click the links and review each of these podcasts. It will take 5 minutes of your time but it will indefinitely help new people see how active our community is by featuring active podcasts.
Guild Ball Tonight
Singled Out
Strictly the Worst
The Heroic Play
The Pitch

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If you want some French podcasts here we are:


Every episode is on this page 😀


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