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New year New Channel

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Hey everyone, i am proud to announce a new guild ball channel! It is called Give n' Go, a YouTube channel giving helpful advice, and tactics to new players. I will be posting my first video in the next couple of hours, please watch it and let me know what you think. I have plenty of ideas for videos already including more strategy, guild intros, and commentary on games. Thank you for watching!

Give n' Go


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Hey guys i have new videos on the way, but i have a question to ask. I want to do videos on the teams that in the future will be how new players will buy GB models. Should i do a single video on the team as a whole or break up the videos talking about each player and how they work with others?

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I would suggest a full team break down with main objectives as one part, then do separate video for common combos.  So between three and four videos per team, keeping each below the 20 min mark.  As an example video one would be one six player box break down of who is in it and the primary focus.  Video two would be combos along with tips and tricks that focus on that same six player box.  Then repeat for the other six player box.    This then gives you a format to do minor guilds when release.

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