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Verse Farmers Tech

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As the thread states, this is a post trying to figure out the best options to deal with Farmers. My assumption is we will be seeing a lot of Thresher and his main build in tournaments. They are the new hottness, so lets be constructive on what's working for you. For me the corner stone so far is four models. Obulus, Casket, Graves (1), and Brainpan/Memory. Below is why I use these certain models.

Obulus: Taking turn one momentum from Thresher with his legendary and set up a much needed "Casket Time" on him if you set it up. It also steals the momentum for a counter attack with some of the models you have to take out. He also can either bring in models for taking out, steal the ball, or just make Thresher walk out of threat before he activates. All good stuff. Also find with Tater having def 5 and 16 health, Scalpel struggles to remove him with a single activation.

Casket: Rough ground limits the counter charge, Ghostly Visage limits the counter charge, and heavy burden neuters movement on Thresher. Also Casket is a beast to take out, and will take a lot of effort from the Farmers to bring down. One thing I like to do is place the Visage out in front of him 4" then sprint Casket into it towards Tater, thus cutting 6" of charge away from the counter charge. Once in the spot I bonus time a heavy burden onto him. Setting up a Casket time sometime into the game is huge as well, the Farmers really rely on interaction from each other, and taking a piece of that interaction away is crucial.

Graves: With the Farmers health pool, and built in healing, you need the tool up ability. Plus his early tackle, and bleed are all good abilities. He also gives the list a 3/6 kick.

Brainpan/Memory: It's all about Memory. He clogs charge lanes, engages counter charge models, and gives us a momentum pass set up if we receive to get ahead enough for the initiative roll. I attack with them some, but really the dodges into counter charge models and the crowd outs is his biggest use. Making them waste resources, with a team that brings a lot influece, helps as well.

Now this is a side note model, Silence, I love him but the Farmers are deceptive defense team. You think they are on the low end but they aren't in the Thresher build. Thresher is a 4, Tater 4, Peck 5, Jackstraw 5, Harrow 3, and Millstone 3. This means the models you want to Tucked and Shutout aren't going to be reliably hit with 1 dice plays. You are going to have to bonus time. There isn't always the opportunity to do this. Also even with the odds against a 4 defense model on two dice is 75%, to me that's too big of a gamble to waste the first activation in a turn for. I suppose Shutout on Harrow wouldn't be bad causing them to loose tool up and a harvest marker placement before they activate Thresher and Tater. Though still not sure if that is worth loosing an activation for. 

Let me know and others what is working for you! Good Luck!!!

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So just played into thresher.  He monstered me. Proceeded to wander around the table and kill everything. 

I moved up and puppet mastered him back without realising just how far he could threaten. 


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Ok, so more collected thoughts after playing my tournament today. 

First game vs thresher and 3rd game  like 6 months so I was rusty as well. 

His line up was


The rooster




Jack straw


I took








I kicked off (he chose to receive) with obby. I kicked it to the right away from thresher and across from casket.  He retrieved with grace and moved the ball to the other side of the pitch. 

I moved everything up which is where my game plan fell apart.  Thresher was passed the ball and he dodged into easy range of cosset and graves.  He got tooled up from Harrow and my only option that I saw to save one or both of them was to puppet master thresher back. I charge tater and knocked him down then puppet mastered him away. He responded by passing to Harrow and charging obby for the kill.  

From here he was able to pin models down and just be too far away from casket for him to get stuck in. 


Major lessons learnt were 

A)thresher can go a really really long way. Don't move up until I have the ball to shrink that back down. 

B ) put casket in the middle not on a side. 


I feel like obulus is the right kick off player as withpuppet master and the dodge, I should be able to retrieve. 

I also feel like cosset is a liability in the matchup up. Obulus needs tooled up and graves laid some hurt down on the charge as well. 

Thresher is a little op and my guess would be we will see some slight nerfs but I think we can control him. Fire blast and shut out are key.  So is casket and foul odour, at least until farmers players realise they should use ploughman. 


My concern is, when farmers players use ploughman and mill stone we may be in trouble. 


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I played a game against Thresher. My only points were when Casket pushed Tater off the pitch. I stupidly did not use Silence to put a fire AoE in front of Thresher. Got him killed instead. 

The rest was just not with the mention.

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I’ve been including Ghast in my Thresher tech. He helps on the early momentum end, fear limits their momentum, attacks, and his health pool is really good. He also gives us 2” with early KD. If Thresher only early target is Ghast he is only getting three attacks in, and giving us two momentum for it. Still a scary match up but any help is a plus.

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I´m looking forwards to playing a game against Thresher with Scalpel. Yes, anatomical precision is mostly wasted on his team, but I feel like being able to redistribute 2-3 influence from Tresher to the supporting cast depending on luck while gathering momentum and preparing Tresher for the casket seems like an OK plan. Treshers counter attack doesn´t really threaten Scalpel, and with tooled up she can reach Tresher on the second activation before all the setup is complete, and it doesn´t depend upon conditions, which nulls out Millstone a bit. Casket is good at negating Taters CC with a well placed Ghostly Visage, and BP+M + Scalpel are both good goal scorers aswell. It will certainly be interesting, even though it might fall on its face. An additional benefit is that Scalpel can go in, and get out again so that you don´t have to commit her fully to poke at Tresher because of second wind. Memory should be quite good at getting in the way for Thresher aswell, even though 3inch range makes it harder...

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