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Adepticon 2018 Event Change - Musical Teams

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At the initial Adepticon 2018 registration time, I signed up for the Musical Teams tournament slated to be run on Saturday, the 24th.

Date and Time Session Cost
03/24/2018 Guild Ball: Musical Teams $40.00

I logged in today to look at the event and saw that it is no longer listed.  Instead, the only team event on that day is this:

Guild Ball: Doubles Tournament
Day: Saturday | Start Time: 10:00 AM | End Time: 6:00 PM | Category: Guild Ball | Event Type: Tournament | Age Requirements: Everyone (6+) | Remaining Capacity: 14 | Cost: 25.00 | Total Capacity: 16 | Experience Required: Some

So the event is completely different and at a different price point.  Why is this?  Is there any communication I missed that stated why they changed the event?  What do I need to do concerning this?  Does my ticket sign me up for the replaced event or do I have to request a refund and then re-purchase an event ticket?

Thank you,


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