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H: Teams - Painted Butchers, Primed Engineers, Alchemists, Fish, Union W: Local Cash, Paypal (US - Minnesota)

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Got into Guild Ball lately, but just don't have the time to devote to it. Kinda' went hog wild on purchases so looking to recoup what I can! Really unsure on pricing so if I'm off - let me know. Prices do NOT include shipping - I'll ship to continental US and provide shipping costs as needed. 

What I want:

  • I'm in the Twin Cities, MN if anyone is local and wants to buy - cash
  • If not, Paypal only

Open to any ideas, shoot me what you got, but looking to recoup $$$ to be transparent.

• PRICE: $185
• All Painted - IMGUR - 
• Based & Coated
• Includes off-brand tokens and Feldherr case as shown
• Minis:
1. Ox
2. Fillet
3. Princess
4. Truffles
5. Boar
6. Boiler
7. Brisket
8. Meathook
9. Shank
10. Tenderizer
11. Custom Goal Marker

• Primed and brown base coat - 
• PRICE: $150
• Some models damaged as noted below
• Includes Muse on Mini token set and blast markers
• Minis:
1. Ballista (did some additional painting on him as shown)
2. Pin Vice
3. Mainspring
4. Mother
5. Colossus
6. Hoist
7. Ratchet (lost an arm, turned it into a drill!)
8. Salvo
9. Velocity
10. Veteran Velocity
11. Locus

• Primed black - 
• PRICE: $50
• Minis:
1. Blackheart
2. Decimate
3. Gutter
4. Rage
5. Avarisse & Greede (and standalone Greede)
6. Coin

• Primed black - 
• Includes Muse on Mini token set
• PRICE: $120
1. Midas
2. Smoke
3. Flask
4. Naja
5. Katalyst
6. Mercury
7. Venin
8. Compound
9. Vitriol

• Primed black - 
• PRICE: $50
• Includes Muse on Mini token set
1. Shark
2. Salt
3. Angel
4. Siren
5. Greyscales
6. Kraken

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4 hours ago, excelsias said:

Ideally as lots, open to parting out and selling individual figs for the smaller teams though (Union, Fish).


Ok, I'm interested in some of the Union, but I already have Gutter & Coin.

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