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      There’s a new section in the guild ball area designed to help rookies, but it needs others to help out - why not write a post for it? Anything that’s good for people to know, whatever faction they’re starting out with!
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mr baron

Engineers v Farmers

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Total theory ball having never played Farmers, but I am thinking all ranged pushes to disrupt their positioning.  Deadbolt, Unexpected Arrival, even bringing Locus with Destructive Impulse. Then Knockdowns, though difficult against some lineups, would be useful.  

Just my first 2 cents since I haven't made an in-depth study of Farmers.

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Ballista, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Locus & Mother. As said before - keep your distance. Four Blast Earths a turn and a Deadbolt (always with a Second Wind) should give you at least 4 Momentum. You should be safe for turn 1, maybe turn 2 if things go your way. However, there will be a charge incoming. Make sure the one charged is Ballista, Locus or Hoist. And have your Minefield ready for it. Minefield works miracles if you can soften the enemy before the charge. Keep the ball on Velocity and don't get her engaged. You can score when you want to, but you may lose a goal in return - and Velocity may not survive the retaliation.

The biggest problem for me is that I have to measure a lot of distances and it puts me under some serious pressure. It wastes my time as well. I don't want to get charged because I missed an inch somewhere.

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