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Scalpel or Obulus

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Scalpels big issue is her 1" melee against the counterattack. If she's pushed or they dodge then she's just sitting there with nothing to attack. Just a small tweak can solve that. Lightening Reflexes would be a good one or giving her acrobatic or Promise of Fortune as another Heroic. I love Scalpel, and have been player her exclusively in my current league. She can do a lot more with a lot less compared to Obulus. Obulus is inf hungry which takes away from the rest of the team. Depending on the situation, Scalpel can get in there and do the damage needed with a good size stack or just travel across the pitch with her heroic, allow the inf to be used by the rest of the time. Lengendary is a tricky one and I tend to use it turn 1 if I'm receiving to pull in the model that kicked off. Helps setup a casket time at the bottom of 1/top of 2. She good and just needs a small bit of love to be able to complete against Obulus.

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