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H: Hunters/Brewers W: LE Tater, Lucky, New Teams, Paypal

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Hey. I have extra Brewers (Tapper, Stave, Spigot, Friday, Hooper, Scum) and Hunters (Theron, Chaska, Egret, Seenah, Jaecar, Hearne, Zarola, and Fahad) that I am looking to trade or sell. The Chaska is missing an arm so how, so I wanted to be upfront with that. I am mainly looking to get more teams for my wife and I to play. We have the Kick Off! Masons and Brewers, plus Chisel, Granite and Stoker. I have the Butchers Scarlet Circle and my wife has the Hunters I listed above. We also have Gutter, Coin, Mist and Harry the Hat. 

I really would like to get new teams or finish rounding out the ones we have. I'd love to get Lucky for Masons/Brewers. LE Tater would be great as I am interested in Farmers and that model is awesome. 

Post or PM me if you have any trade offers or are simply looking to buy these teams.

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