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Quick help!!!

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Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, and BP&M are auto includes for me. If I receive I like to include Bonesaw. Silence is usually an auto but not always. Cosset can be fun against smiths and butchers. Lower def lets you PM someone in and create a kill zone. 

My standard lineup if I'm kicking and trying to win is Obulus, Dirge, Graves, BP&M, Silence, Ghast

Receiving I swap Bonesaw for Ghast or Silence


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On 12/31/2017 at 11:29 PM, Quick Ben said:

im more of a fan of casket than ghast. heavy burden and casket time are both amazing abilities

I like those abilities too but foul odor is usually a bigger hindrance than help. The 2" reach, rising anger, fear, and mom KD on 2 make him better.

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