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what has been the more recent gb vault items for sale?

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The ones on sale in the Vault in the recent sale over the past couple of weeks included Dark Harvest (Thresher with gravestones), Halloween (pumpkin-head) Obulus, Skaldicfest Esters and Quaff, Limited Edition Rage, Limited Edition Avarisse and Greede, Limited Edition Tater, Easter Fangtooth, Young Theron, Chibi Shark + Ox + Princess + Salt.

You can still get Skulk (in the SteamCon pack) Yuletide Buckwheat and Hearth, and Solthecian Gutter & Coin, though these three may disappear from the webstore sometime relatively soon (possibly to re-appear at some point in the future, but if you want them maybe best to buy quick).

Last year you could get the Kickstarter-edition captains for the original guilds on Black Friday, but that seems to be the last time those were going on sale, as far as we know. I think the year before that they sold limited edition Boiler, but that's not been seen on sale from Steamforged for a long-time either. Limited edition Mist was on sale last year ... I think now just through tournament packs.

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