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North Liberty, IA Saturday Dec. 16th 11AM *prizes for out of state travelers*

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Guild Ball Tournament. Swiss with a cut if enough people show up. Each round is 90mins with each player getting a 45min of that 90 to do there turns using Chess Clocks. Doors open at 10am. We start soccer slaughtering oppenents at 11am. Dave the local Pundit will be running the event. Cost is $10..... Prizes based on attendance. Some of the money paid in will be going towards chess clocks.

Minimum of $50 in store credit has been guaranteed to split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Lance Becker from Muse on Minis and cohost of The Pitch will be there. 

* heads up on allowed models this weekend. The only thing not allowed are Models that are not released to the general public or released at the local store. The only exception to this would be Tater for Farmers Guild. So NO new Thresher's box, no Skulk and no new Blacksmiths box because no everyone has access to them*

Address to Geek City Games here:
https://www.mapquest.com/search/results?slug=%2Fus%2Fiowa%2Fgeek-city-357722437&query=Geek City&page=0

Also, if you travel out of state I will have a custom art print of Grey Scales to give you


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