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Inanimate Object vs Superior Strategy

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If I target Memory with Superior Strategy (in the Snake Draft format) does Memory gain an activation? 

Presumably with all the benefits of taking said activation (i.e. if you were to give it a movement stat and Overclocked it could charge, or the puppet could use its standard advance to stand up, etc.)

Superior Strategy 4 4” - Target friendly Guild model gains an additional activation and is allocated [1] Influence.

Inanimate Object This model does not have an activation. This model does not generate VP when it suffers the taken-out condition.


Thank you.

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There has been a discussion concerning whether Memory would give away additional VPs when being taken out or not. And it has been ruled that it would not. 

If you apply the same logic here, you'd likely get: since you don't have an activation in the first place, you can't have an additional one.

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