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Winter Painting Contest

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I got a massive tub of Woodlands Scenics snow effect to base my Masons and theme my Frostgrave (think it was £11 from Hobbycraft). I was inspired by a blog entry on From The Warp - it has a great variety of different snow effect methods and shows each in simple step by steps.

Digital badge, you say? I'm not going to win any painting competitions, but I can certainly enter one! Now to decide on either a wintery Mason, or Yuletide Buckwheat with a little snow sprinkled on his presents...

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1 hour ago, Mako said:

How are people finding it so far? 

Please tell me you didn't just ask how we're faring in this little project of yours?

I mean, if you did then I'd have to say so far it's going great! I've thought about which model I might use. I've contemplated basing ideas. I've even ruminated on possible poses or scenes.... So I'd say I'm making great progress!!

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