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Game terminated

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I saw many comments on the KS page about the date of the delivery, how many cards, are the dices produced etc etc.
I think people around are really believing they will receive the game in september/october 2018 but it won't be the case at all.

First because of the classic excuse of the chinese new year. During one month no production there.
Secondly the transport : 1 month for the container + 1 more for the custom control + 1 more for the dispatching and an half to start delivering.
Thirdly no pledge manager yet. You will have to wait longer than expected.

Another thing : the last video shows you clearly that the rules aren't finished at all.
Until it aren't finished, you cannot finalize the cards & character sheets, the rulebook and map adventures because you have to test it.
So no dice production too until they are sure the sides are okay or need modifications.
More you forgot the prototypes of each miniature & 3D scenery,  they need to check the general production too.

So wait please wait for the news when they are ready to publish it.
KS are no more done in 1 year, it's now became a generality to get the game on an average of 18 months / 24 months for the projects not the false KS which are presales.

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