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Union/Church - I'm confused!

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13 minutes ago, Redtiger7 said:

The pic of new Harry shows him as a Solethecian. So I'm assuming he's the 6th man in the Church box.

Pretty much what I expect, although truth be told not what I hope happens :

22 hours ago, Spinsane said:

I see two possible outcomes here:

a] NewHarry and Mist (or NewMist) are eventually offered as a dual box instead of G&B, whereas the new Church box includes Brisket, Pride, Grace, Benediction, Spigot and NewPlayer

b] The new box includes Brisket, Pride, NewHarry, Mist/NewMist, Spigot and NewPlayer, and G&B remain available as they are currently

So far, it seems as though we'll get B, even though A makes (to me) so much more sense...

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I think the most likely scenario is that we will get a box that is Brisket, Pride, Grace, Benediction, Harry, sSpigot, and Mist.

While they've shown the willingness to take away Union options from other guilds, I don't think it's likely that they will remove options from the Union itself. My suspicion is that all of the current Union players in the above list will either become dual guild or will get Veteran versions in the Solthecian box.

I believe them becoming dual guild is much more likely. The box is introducing fewer players, so there are fewer opportunities from which to select the four crossover players. I think the four will be Mist, Harry, Grace, and Benediction. Perhaps Brisket as well, though I think it would be fine if Union lost her.

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