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Morts vs. Blacksmiths

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On 12/18/2017 at 4:18 AM, Frepet said:

Gonna share some of my limited experience here, just to add some agreement to points mentioned earlier here. I think BP+M is quite limited in this match up even though I generally always use them. If you have something specific in mind for them I´m sure they work, but the general "We´re hovering around and being annoying, maybe do some damage and take an opportunistic goal" sense hasn´t really worked for me yet. I think Silence or some other player might do a better job as multiple people have already suggested.

Casket is just a beast in this match up. His ability to mess with the blacksmiths movement is just awesome, and really ruins their day. Heavy burden on Bolt is just cruel. He does have limitations, most often in the form of low tac vs high armor, but I think that goes for pretty much any of our players. I think he is especially great at protecting Obulus, for instance keeping the aformentioned Bolt from being able to reposition easily into a free Shoomerang onto Obulus while he holds the ball. Not only does the movement debuff help in keeping him out of range, Heavy Burden also makes character plays harder to hit.

Speaking of Obulus, Ferrite must be one of the best targets for Puppet Master ever conceived. 4/8 kick on a def 3 model is about as good as you can hope for, and most of the other people in the guild have surprisingly good kick stats while having generally low defense. This makes hiding the ball hard, which is why my intuition is that while Scalpel can certainly strip the armor off and do some good damage, going for the 2 goal + casket time on an apprentice of your choosing seems to be strong. That said, Scalpel´s access to >< is great versus all the positioning elements that the blacksmiths try to keep in place. Being able to negate the armour most of the apprentices get for being near a master, while also benefitting from Anatomical precision is ace. However the constant threat of Obulus makes it harder for the blacksmiths to score, which seems to be their gameplan more often than not. Leaving the ball on any of the players while Obulus still hasn´t activated always feels like an opportunity for me. I´m sure it´s a contributing factor that makes the game tougher for the opponent, especially if you consider the clock in a tournament environment.

I think my ideal lineup would be Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Silence, Graves 1 and Cosset. If I were to not take Cosset I could theoretically consider Vileswarm, (if I´d bothered to paint him :D) so I have no experience in that area. If I had access to Mist he would probably replace Silence (or Cosset), so that Obulus wouldn´t have to do everything himself. I´ve experimented with Bonesaw, but even if he scores turn 1, I´m never happy with the play, as it feels so risky every time and takes a lot of attention to do. Might just be my limited experience talking, but I´d rather go for the "Get the ball on Obulus, score turn 1 or farm momentum to hopefully score turn 2" if I receive anyway.

Keep in mind that I´ve only played a few games versus them and most of this is theorycrafting, but it seems consistent with what I´ve seen so far and what seems to be the general experience of other players. Adding farmers to the mix, I think we have a good chance in the current meta. :) If people have been having success using BP+M versus Blacksmiths I´d love to hear the feedback, love those guys!

I have found that silence is irritating but managable,  i believe i would prefer the following team into blacksmiths,  Obulus, dirge, B&M, cosset, graves, casket

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