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Guild Ball American Team Championship 1/13-1/14 Milwaukee, WI

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Just a reminder registration for the American Team Championship tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin will close on November 30. The event is on January 13-14. You can find out more information and register at: https://atcwmh.com/atc-information/
This is a two day event with lunch provided with the entry cost. On Saturday we will have a standard regional cup using the current GIC cards. On Sunday we will have a three player team tournament. There is a cap of 8 teams for the team tournament. There are still 3 slots available.
Models released to the general public through retail or via the escalation league kit (Lucky) by the date of list lock (January 1) will be legal for the ATC. Based on current release dates the following pre-release models will not be legal: Farmers Box 2, Thresher - Dark Harvest, Tater - Convention Exclusive, Blacksmiths Box 2, Hearth & Buckwheat - A Yuletide Hearth

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