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Loads of models for sale. Limited editions uk seller

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Hi, looking to move on some models


Built and painted ks shark in metal £40

Salute 15 Kraken metal uc black



Fishermen (undercoated)

Shark, salt, tentacles, corsair, sakana, kraken, angel, siren, jac, greyscales, hag, dice and token set from art of war (season 3) £75


Engineers (well painted)

Ballista, salvo, mainspring, hoist, ratchet, velocity, pinvice, colossus official season 1 token set £70

Masons (stripped)

Honour, harmony, marbles, brick, flint, mallet, hammer, chisel, tower (broken hammer)official dice, season 1 token set £45


All prices include paypal and postage fees within the UK.





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