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Fish Mirror Match

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Corsair, A+G, Hag and grind it out. If your opponent plays Shark, he's in real trouble. If he plays Corsair, it will be a nasty grind and having A+g and the Hag will give you an advantage.

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10 minutes ago, Lumpyseven said:

@Mootaz good advice! Was trying to avoid A & G  though, ruins my Fish aesthetic :(

That's tournament play for you. You either take what you like the looks of or take what gives you the better chance of winning.

Of course you could quite logically expect that your opponent will also drop down Corsiar, A&G, Hag and Sakana and play list chicken with them to try and find a counter piece but my mental maths is leaning towards the best counter the Fish posses to those four is just those four used better

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