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H Union, Tokens W Alchemists, $$

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I have the following;

Avarisse & Greede (Assembled, Primed)
- The attachable greede is unassembled and unpainted
- Art of War Tokens (2x Singled Out)
Avarisse & Greede (Unassembled, Unprimed)
- Missing the chest attachment for when Greede is unattached.
Decimate (Unassembled, Unprimed)
- AoW Tokens (1x Second Wind, 1x Thousand Cuts)
Minx (Assembled, Primed)
- AoW Tokens (1x Marked Target, 2x Screeching Banshee)
Hemlocke (Assembled, Primed)
- AoW Tokens (1x Poison AOE, 1x Blind, 1x Smelling Salts Used)
Mist (Assembled, Primed)
5x Union Dice


EDIT:  I also have the following;

- 2x S2 Hunters Token set
- AoW Green Melee Zone Markers
- AoW Green Template Set
- AoW Green Measuring Stick Set
- Muse on Minis Condition Token Set
- AoW Fire AOE
- S3 Plot Card Set
- 5x Engineers Dice
- 5x Fishermans Dice
- 5x Alchemists Dice


I want the following;

Veteran Katalyst

I would prefer to do a trade, and I'm willing to trade this entire lot for the four named models straight-up. With the addition of the other items, I can't offer to trade everything for the alchemists; however, I will over-trade to sweeten the deal. Hit me with an offer. I am alternately willing to sell these; $150 OBO for everything, or make an offer for a subset of the lot. PM me if you're interested.








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