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Penguin Warrior

Going Fishing against the Blacksmiths

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Hey everyone. I got a chance to play against the base 6 of the Blacksmiths with my Fish and I figured I'd let you all know how it went. So he ran Ferrite as his captain with Iron, Anvil, Sledge, Furnace, and Cinder while I played Shark, Salt (proxied by Naja in this case), oSiren, Sakana, Greyscales, and Hag, aka the Goal Squad. I kicked off with Shark and the ball just barely touched the line after the reroll so Ferrite took it.

Turn 1 was largely a positioning battle. Anvil bounced almost the entire team forward 2 inches while Hag dodged forward Siren and Sakana. Iron came into Shark, followed by Ferrite, who Disarmed him after passing the ball over to Sledge. Following a Weak Point from Sakana, Siren moved up to within 6" of Sledge and engaging Iron and hit him with 6 dice on 2+/1, managing the Seduced. Her other two attacks could not score a wrap either time, so she bounced over to Shark and dropped the ball off, only getting one other point of momentum. Sledge came into Shark to do some damage rather than the KD, which ultimately seemed like a huge mistake. After a bit more positioning that saw Salt and Greyscales move up opposite sides of the pitch, Shark activated and attacked his way free of the scrum by bouncing off of Iron. Disarm slowed him down massively, but Shark gonna Shark and he managed to get around Cinder and score the goal. 4-0 Fish!

After an even initiative roll went my way, Sakana dodged off of Iron, reaching cover and scooping up the ball, which had been kicked to the center of the pitch. Being just out of range of a goal shot himself, Sakana dropped a pass just between Anvil and Furnace to a waiting Shark, who drove home the Snap Shot goal for an 8-0 Fish lead. After the ball scattered over towards Salt, we spent the rest of the turn trading momentous attacks, with Sakana being heavily crowded out and knocked down twice while I admitted defeat in the momentum race and instead kept Sakana and Shark as healthy as possible. At the end of the turn, Ferrite had the ball near my goal while Salt positioned exactly 8" away from her towards the Blacksmiths' goal. This will be relevant in a second :D

Sledge activated first and brought Sakana down to 2 hp, then knocked Siren down. Siren cleared conditions and moved into Seduced range of Ferrite, hitting the 2 die roll and having Ferrite pass the ball to Salt, who dodged up the field and behind a forest.

SNRVfhq.jpg                                   R5N48rF.jpg

After Cinder failed to tackle the ball from range but took out Sakana (8-2 Fish)and Hag blocked Ferrite's path to the Otter, Ferrite activated, disengaged from Hag and used her legendary before calling Iron over. Salt ran away as fast as he could and kicked the ball into the corner, where only Greyscales, who was on a patch of Fast Ground, could reach it. Shark came in for some momentum before getting beaten up a bit.


Finally, Greyscales made his goal run and nailed a Bonus Timed shot on goal. 12-2 Fish!


This was my opponent's first game on Blacksmiths and my first against them, so a learning experience for both. It definitely felt like Shark has a really strong match up here, potentially stronger than Corsair's actually, considering that the Blacksmiths seem obnoxiously durable. With a team designed to slip away and run down the ball, the Blacksmiths had a bit of trouble keeping pace and cashing in on all of their set up.

Regardless of the match up, this line up has been one I've been enjoying more or and more. It makes it so difficult to kill the ball effectively and puts the game on a timer to a degree. It forces teams like the Union, Butchers, or Brewers to try and keep pace and play reactively by placing the ball under constant pressure.

Anyway this game, like every one I play with Shark, was a blast! Hope you guys enjoy the write up.

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I've run Corsair into the base 6 and I don't think I'd do it again or recommend anyone else do it either. Unless you like really long, drawn-out slobberknockers... which really, if you're playing Fish, isn't too likely. I definitely think Shark is the better play into the Blacksmiths (at least this box).

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