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Learning Engineers

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I’ve picked up the Engineers as a second faction after playing Fishermen for about 2 years. I thought I’d document my learning process and share some of my games as a way of asking how to improve and learn quicker. I intend to play Engineers competitively.


I’ve decided to start by learning Ballista because I like the gunline idea and that’s also new to me.


I’ve had 2 games so far and this is how they went:


Game 1

Engineers: Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Compound.

Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Greyscales, Sakana.

Result: 2-12.

I received and killed the ball behind all my players. He had a hard time scoring but eventually did. Sharks legendary wasn’t that scary since I had mainly allocated influence to be able to use my shooty character plays.

This game took a long time and was not on clock. Compound did an excellent job of dragging the game which would have worked to my advantage if the game would have been timed.

I tried to score with Velocity but, even though it took him a long time, he eventually tackled the ball of her to score.

I managed to kill Siren and got Greyscales down to 1 HP. Probably could have killed him but it didn’t matter.

I never got Ballista into melee. I’ve learned in later games that I should.


Game 2

Engineers: Ballista, Mother, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Salvo.

Butchers: Ox, Princess, Boar, Boiler, Brisket, Meathook.

Result: 8-12.

This game was closer. I kicked with Ballista and got a lucky scatter that put boiler out of position but he managed to grab the ball anyway. I did a crucial rule mistake here where I thought burrow had an infinite range. It sure made the turn one goal run with an Overclocked, Second Wind Hoist very easy. I took the dodge after the goal and jogged away from Ox and Boar but Boar (with Tooled Up and The Owner) managed to take out Hoist (now with They Ain’t Tough) in one activation.

I got the ball back with Salvo after the goal kick using his heroic for a teether ball. Felt very nice.

Turn 2 I scored with Mother after Meathook had left her on 1 HP and bleeding. Boar took care of her after the goal.

I tried to score with Velocity but Ox and Boar killed her before she got there.

Ballista did a little more melee here which felt good but Meathook pushed him out on a counterattack which was unfortunate. I’m not used to having 1” melee. I feel like Ballista could get a lot of work done with just an extra dice from a gang up.

At the end I avoided taking a take out on Boiler since it would allow him to come back and stop my Hoist goal run. As it turned out I should have taken the take out and focused on taking someone else out after that. My attempt to score with Host made it so that he managed to score with Brisket, and I did not have anyone to do a rebound goal with, which allowed him to kill someone for the win.

Setting up goals feels like much more work than I’m used to with my Fishermen.

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3 hours ago, Johan said:

Setting up goals feels like much more work than I’m used to with my Fishermen.

Yes.  It will be sometimes. Engineers aren't called Cogs for no reason.  They have to work to set up plays.  Sometimes first turn goals work fine.  But after that you usually require a setup.  But because we have a bit more control than Fish we can be fairly certain of the ability to do so if we are careful.

Welcome to the Evolution.

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Played engineers in competitive leagues and a lot in tournaments. They are top teir in execution.


Hoist, ratchet and ballista can rack up momentum with balistas aura. Target groups with ratchet and hoist (true rep'd) blast earth within the aura, you can really drive some opening damage and win momentum.

Velocity is great, mother is really you're best call, and your 6th situational.

Killing the ball isn't really the gear heads game


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