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Blacksmiths getting Practise in to help Fish

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So Blacksmiths gave the Hunters a training match

Line ups
Ferrite (C), Iron, Anvil, Sledge, Furnace, Cinder

Theron, Fahad, Herne, Zarola, Jaecar, Ulfr


Ferrite kicked the ball over to one side, and Zarola ran over to grab it and kick it back to Theron, but the ball bounced off something and ended up in front of the Hunters line, which ferrite saw as a chance to score a quick goal, which she proceeded to do and then ran back towards her own lines.

The teams then moved around trying to reposition themselves and the hunters were careful to keep the ball safe, but in the end Cinder managed to grab the ball of Ulfr with a rope tied to a bolt that she hit the ball with. and passed the ball over to Furnace to get it back into the middle of the pitch.

Anvil, Sledge and Iron ganged up on Herne and knocked him out cold, while Theron started putting arrows into half the team, but he managed to miss the Anvil with  one of his shots, which I think confused him a little

Theron missing Anvil

Furance passes the ball over to Iron who ran up the pitch to stay away from the Hunters, and waited. Theron responded by taking Furance off the pitch. 

Ferrite then called Iron back a little and the Blacksmiths surrounded Theron and introduced him to why getting close to Blacksmiths not a good plan, Iron proceed to hit him a few times and then decided kicking the ball into the goal was probably a good plan. Hunters at this point decided they were going to lose, so kicked in a quick goal with Ulfr and then Sledge finished of Theron to finish the game on 12-6

Sledge finishing off Theron

Game finished 12-6 the blacksmiths are helping Fish with a suggested from the Ferryman.





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